UUNN Announces Layoffs

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Due to readership and funding declines, UUNN is announcing that it will be laying off its full-time and part-time reporting staff, which currently includes Thane Carios and Yaz Shanndar (full-time); and Ares Kiden (part-time).

UUNN will continue to pay for freelance articles and will consider accepting press releases, news items and editorials from its former staff members as well as from anyone else.

First Phalera Maxima Awardee Announced

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) The Octavius Ministry of Culture today announced that pilot Clanlord is this year’s winner of the recent poll to award the Phalera Maxima medal.  This is a newPhalera Maxima medal, awarded by vote among the pilots of Octavius to a current or former pilots.

-Nafcon-, Darkness and Orka also received votes.

Feast of the Fallen Celebrations Staying Dirtside

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) As has been the case in three out of the last four years, the Feast of the Fallen holiday will not include any space-based activities.  Great Pillars Station was slated to be the host location for activities, but with it’s Governor yet to be replaced and so much uncertainty about the new empress and the positions of the other Imperial States there would be no way to hold a proper holiday recognition.

The New Empress Speaks Out

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) The following statement was released from Empress Iulia in the Imperial Palace on Martius:

The Atreus line has returned to Martius and the Atticus usurpers from Ares Prime have finally been wiped away.  Septus is dead.  Aqilus is dead.  Rnenta is dead.

Imperial Palace - Etruscera

Imperial Palace

Montona has fled.

I have sent word through the Legatio to Cina that Septus’ crazy dog Zarkwon needs to be returned to us.  And the museum and statue of the usurper who murdered my ancestor have been destroyed.  The slate is clean.

I reach out to Venticus and Cineon to join with me in finding a way to make Octavius the empire it was meant to be.  For many years, we have been held back – first by by TRI and then by internal squabbling.  It’s time for a new way.

Octavius Aeternum!    

Sources on Ares Prime indicate that there may be concern about the lineage claimed by the Empress, and that this would clearly need to be verified.  The last Atreus Emperor was Marcelus I, who died (executed by Atticus VI) over 160 years ago.  He had one son and two daughters.

The stance of Cinatus is unknown at this time.

New Leader Emerges on Martius

UUNN Newswire

(Danubia, Martius)  After two days of silence and uncertainty, Iulia (pronounced: eye-OOO-lee-ah) Atreus has emerged as the leader of the coup that displaced Atticus Aqilus, the interim Consul on Martius.  Although there has been no official statement, she is allegedly taking the title “Empress “ based on her direct relationship to Marcelus I (Marcelus Atreus) – the last “non-Atticus” emperor of Martius who was executed in 45BT when Atticus VI took the united thrones of Octavius.

At age 27 Iulia is the same age as Emperor Venticus when he took the throne on Ares Prime in 115.  Etruscera is still locked-down and it is unknown how she gained control of the Imperial Guard.  There has been no official word from either Ares Prime or Cinatus endorsing or denouncing the coup.

Blackout in Etruscera

UUNN Newswire

(Great Pillars) After initial reports of a widespread power outage in Etruscera, the capital city of Martius, we now understand that there has also been a complete lock-down and news blackout in the city.  Although there have been rumours that the virus released on Ares Prime by former-Emperor Septus is the cause of the current lock-down, nothing has been confirmed.

We will provide updates on this story as soon as they become available.

Octavius Opens Voting for New Award

UUNN Newswire

Phalera MaximaOctavius has decided to unveil a new award — the Phalera Maxima — to give its citizens a chance to recognize heroes past or present.   Similar to the Solrain Hall of Fame and Quantar Shair Assad awards, voting is limited — in this case to Citizens of Octavius.  Voting will be open through the upcoming Feast of the Fallen, which ends on 119.5.26.

Citizens are strongly encouraged to vote HERE.