Find of a lifetime…again?

by Fence/BROKER/Ally

This breaking story just in:
A pilot wishing to remain anonymous claims to have evidence of another Pre-Collapse cryogenic sleeping chamber broadcasting a weak locator signal on the same frequency as the cryosleep pod found during the Second GVB War some 22 years ago. As is commonly known, the Solrain factionalist squad Solidarity was founded earlier this year around a small group of Pre-Collapse citizens of the planet Solrain (lost some 2000 years ago in the Great Collapse) who have no memory prior to their modern awakening 4 years ago. Historian ZeroZ95 of Solidarity who helped locate the first group of PC survivors has independently confirmed (under contract from squad BROKER) that there is a strong probability the signal is genuine. He said, “Of course, I can’t be completely sure unless you give me access to the entire MicroBurst, but the frequency is a match and the message header looks authentic as well. A lot of information about the first cryosleep pod was never made public. So if this turns out to be a fake, it is a very good one, created by very well connected individuals.”

If the second cryopod is genuine and another group of PC humans can be revived with their memories intact, the impact to modern culture could be immeasurable. If a single faction/group could gain unilateral access to such a resource, it would easily gain an astounding advantage over its rivals, perhaps even enough of an advantage to spark an all out war the likes of which have not been seen since the Second GVB War. Combine this potentiality with the recent meteoric rise of the factional militaries power/influence and the demise of the traditional TRI sponsored “Honor Guard” program formerly headed up by legendary strategist Tache Uzelin. TRI could be facing the greatest conflict of our time.

Of course, if this new cryopod is not located, or is destroyed, or contains more memory-wiped humans, then the value of such a find is dubious to anyone other than the archeological/academic community. But even a slim chance of aquiring such an edge is a gamble that many are willing to take, or so believes the pilot owning the information about the locator signal. He is willing to sell his information to any and every pilot for 10 million credits per pilot. To protect himself and his dirtside family, he has contracted with squad BROKER for its well known privacy protection program (in the interest of full disclosure, UUNN is also operated by squad BROKER). Any individual pilot wishing to receive further information about how/where/when to begin the search for the Pre-Collapse cryopod, please PM Fence on the JOSSH forums for instructions. The search for the second cryopod will begin this Friday.