TriPoint Security Breached; Prisoner Escapes

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

TriPoint Station (TRI-FP) – Station security at TriPoint station was breached yesterday evening, and a pilot being held there was broken out, as part of a daring raid.

Reports from the station indicate that the prisoner’s callsign is Courier, and is wanted for alleged electronic tampering with market pricing. While the lack of tuned beacons in Quantar space allowed Courier to make a clean getaway, station logs have implicated pilot Septio who is now wanted for questioning in conjunction with this incident. Station authorities declined to offer any more specific information.

TRI Executive Council Agrees To Assist Octavius

From the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Despite rising tensions between Octavius and TRI, the Executive Council agreed today to provide support to Octavius by financing the restoration of the Duelist Science Factory, recently damaged by Conflux.

“While TRI categorically denies the allegations levied regarding our ability to provide more advanced warning, it is our mission to assist all factions, including Octavius. It is the Executive Council’s hope that this gesture of good will will be the first step towards bringing the Octavian Empire back into the mainstream of cooperation between the factions and TRI.”

Conflux Disable Duelist Science Factory

Fron the TRINN Archives

by Zoe Vexel

Great Pillars (TRI-FP) – Shortly after 9pm Ekoos last night, a group of sentient conflux started a concerted attack against the Duelist Science Factory located at Great Pillars station sector. Multiple C8-S as well as a single C6-S were observed repeatedly escorting a C13-S against the manufacturing center. Reports of multiple C17-S in the area during the two hour attack are as yet unconfirmed. Although TRI pilots made a strong defense, several C13-S managed to impact on the factory, disabling it and completely destroying its docking tube.

“TRI has once again failed to protect Octavian interests,” remarked an angry Aggripus Montona, station governor for Great Pillars. “Duelists are a key technology for all pilots, and yet TRI has failed twice now to adequately warn Octavius of an impending attack against our facilities. Our pilots are to be commended for their brave defense, however, without the necessary tools being provided by TRI, their mission was doomed from the start.

“A plan has been submitted to the Executive Council outlining our demands for assistance in getting the Science Factory operational again, so that the Empire alone does not have to foot the full cost of this TRI mistake.”

CLAWS Pilots Honored – Finally

From the TRINN Archives

By Alexa A’vros

Octavius Core (TRI-FP) – In a statement issued by Octavian CSD, various pilots have been rewarded for their efforts earlier this year as part of Project Magellan and the positioning of the CLAWS arrays.

The following pilots have been awarded Keval’s Thanks and Samon’s Legacy:

Squint127, Gemini, Apache, Northstar, Oct Owl, Bison, Tesrend, Clanlord, Solarwind, Slimpickns, Achilles, Ace, Jammer, AvengeND, backspace, DeMon, Goatbert, Gurney, Hermex, HiTekHick, LupinOne, NavymanFSU, Nocturnus, Quilland, samwise, Solarwind, Varg, Verelin, viper281, vorlon, Waarthog, InterOrka, Gunny, Nemz, daSlacker.

Also, LupinOne and clanlord have each been awarded Seeker of Knowledge.

In addition to the medals, each pilot will receive a small payment for their time and effort, from the Octavian Ministry of War.

STCC Clarifies Position; Fa’hil Memta Issues Warning

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Solrain Core, Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – In an unusual move this morning, the STCC has issued the following statement, in an apparent attempt to distance itself from the actions of its own pilots:

“Over the last few days, more radial Solrain pilots have been reported engaging civilian cargo ships as they attempt to enter Solrain space and dock at our stations. While such actions are being taken in the name of the STCC, these actions are not in compliance with the STCC directives, which are very specific. Only non Solrain shipping carrying more than 10 (ten) Flashfires are to be intercepted. Vessels discovered to be carrying Flashfires without a license are to be given the chance to divert to a Solrain station, or risk being destroyed. Licenses to haul large quantities of Flashfires may be obtained by contacting the STCC.”

In related news, the Fa’hil Memta has issued a formal warning to its pilots:

“With the arrival of the deadline set by the STCC, all Quantar pilots are advised to use caution around Solrain, as well as Octavian combat pilots. Quantar cargo pilots are requested to ensure Quantar Core is well stocked, especially with key Amananth technology. Solrain and Octavian pirates will not be allowed to prevent our pilots from their normal activities.”