Brotherhood and ION form Pact

Tri Date: 101.10.26

Contact: Ambrosius (Brotherhood); Ixholla (ION)

(EVENING’S END)¬† The Brotherhood and ION today met in this neutral station to put aside factional differences and seal two separate treaties. The first of the two, a full Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) will formalize the currently peaceful climate between the two organizations. The second, a Trade/Coop treaty, will help ensure the flow/supply of key Octavian and Quantar equipment to the respective faction stations.

In keeping with tradition, the Octavian Ixholla used his own blood to sign the documents and Ambrosius called upon Roh to bless and support the agreements.

Once formalities were over, both squads retired to the Pub in Evenings End where the Oct Light flowed freely. A handful of Brotherhood and ION pilots staggered out of the Pub claiming that they were mounting a joint operation to find and destroy Flux sentients. It is unclear at this time whether they ever made it to their respective ships.