STCC Taps Pre-Collapse Leader To Help Find Solrain

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by Alexa A’vros

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – STCC Minister of Trade Ferrix Charyb announced this morning that Solidarity squad leader Drayvn has been appointed as Project Director for the STCC’s search for the planet Solrain.

“We are very pleased to have Drayvn onboard,” stated Charyb. “The return to more honorable ways that Solidarity has shown over the past weeks is a credit not only to their dedicated team, but also to their leader. As such, this makes Drayvn the ideal choice to act on behalf of the STCC, as we search for our lost planet.”

“Thank you for the appointment as Project Director for the location of our lost homeworld Solrain,” commented Drayvn. “I am honored to head this project and with the assistance of my squad, Solidarity, we will do what it takes to get it done. We are also inviting any Solrain pilots interested in helping to join us in the search. I’d like to thank the STCC for making this possible and maybe, just maybe we’ll find our lost home planet.”

Drayvn’s first task will be to define the working parameters of a widespread
search of Solrain systems, looking for pre-collapse datadisks.