Octavius Releases Emperor’s Commemoration Speech

UUNN Newswire

The Octavius Ministry of Culture has released a transcript of the Recitation of Heroes delivered by Emperor Septus I from his palace on Martius:

Morte et Inimi, Octavius!!!

Today and for the next two days we come together to honor our Fallen!

I welcome all of you this glorious holiday, when we honor those who have gone before … those who have earned our respect through their blood and their sweat.

So today, as you celebrate by recalling the names and deeds of The Fallen, you must embrace their examples and emulate their valor – for you are now our heroes.

Now let us remember … names from the past … their deeds … their battles …

I remember Fellblade! Leader of the Octavian Vanguard he was a fearsome warrior and leader. But he was also an accomplished bard who celebrated our culture and our ways with his stories.

I remember Algore! Brash, angry, confident, Algore embodies so much of what it means to be from Octavius! He picked up the mantel as leader of OV and he wore it well!

I remember Odiche! He authored THE guide to introduce new pilots to our way of life … and was always there to blame … for our shortcomings!

I Remember Liet! Some called him rogue, pirate and criminal … but I remember his passionate dedication to his favorite charity — the children of Octavius.

I remember Zaltys! Brilliant fighter and master tactician. He was ready and willing to share his knowledge with any warrior who was ready to learn.

So now I leave it now to all of Octavius to uphold our traditions . . . in our hearth-homes, in the barracks, in the streets and squares … to remember The Fallen. Shout their names loudly. Remember them silently. Honor them deeply.

Morte et Inimi, Octavius!!!

Emperor Calls on Octavius Pilots to Commemorate Holiday

by Yaz Shanndar

(Etruscera, Martius)  Emperor Septus I today called on all Octavius Pilots to commemorate the upcoming Feast of the Fallen holiday (116.5.27 through 116.5.29) with the “Bleeding Skies” tradition:

“Although We have chosen to base our holiday celebrations on Martius this year, We do not forget the pilots of Octavius who defend our borders and keep our economy strong.  I call on all our pilots to participate in the one tradition that we cannot duplicate on-planet – The Bleeding Skies.  So to honor our Fallen; mount your BCUs and make space RED – not just in Octavius sectors, but everywhere!  Show your pride in being from Octavius.  And if someone challenges your actions … well you are from Octavius.  You will know what to do.”

TRI-SEC has asked us to remind pilots that tuning beacons in another faction’s space (Quantar and Solrain) will make you subject to attack from pilots of that faction until you leave that faction’s space.

Feast of the Fallen Holidays to be Celebrated On-Planet

UUNN Newswire

(Etruscera, Martius)  The Octavius Ministry of Culture has announced that this year’s Feast of the Fallen holiday — which runs from 116.5.27 through 116.5.29 – will be hosted by Emperor Septus with all of the official ceremonies being held on the planet Martius.

Some have speculated that festivities have been moved dirtside due to security concerns after Emperor Clements IV was assassinated by Solrain extremists during last year’s Recitation of Heroes (the official beginning of the holiday). Consul Cicero Rnenta, speaking on behalf of Emperor Septus, insisted that the move is a return to Octavius tradition, and is a move to make celebrations more accessible to all people of Octavius, rather than focusing on the dwindling jump-pilot population, as has been done over the last few years.

Library Sends out Request for Thrice-Seven Info

The Sarath V Memorial Library has broadcast a request for documents, or any other information relating to the “Thrice Seven.”

“Since the recent recovery of Enkido Kahn’s log fragment, there has been a surge in requests for details about the Thrice Seven and we find our resources — both in the Library and the Databank — to be sorely lacking,” said Head Librarian H.E. Jenkins.  “We are reaching out to everyone for either documented information like news clippings, pictures, books — or even oral history and legend . . . just tell us what you remember.”

Submit your information on the Thrice Seven HERE.

The Thrice Seven were some of the most memorable heroes of The Reconstruction Initiative.  It was made up of seven pilots each from Octavius, Quantar and Solrain – primarily explorers and test pilots.  Some, like Enkido Kahn, had already made a name for themselves before becoming part of this legendary group.  But together, as the original TRI test-pilots and later as the explorers of farspace, they became legend.


Oct Patrols Clash in The Edge

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Patrol ships from Cinatus and Martius briefly clashed in The Edge sector, earlier today, when patrol ships from both of the Octavius fiefdoms found themselves in-sector at the same time.

According to reports, the patrol ship from Cinatus, a Peregrine, was attacked by Martius patrol, which was in a Raven.  It is unclear what caused the attack and there are conflicting stories from both sides.

The Edge sector has been claimed by both Martius and Cinatus since 065 during the Julian War.