TRI and STCC Face Off About The Reconstruction Days

by Fence

(Solrain Core Station)   With Solrain’s traditional celebration of The Reconstruction Days looming next week, and with the clash over the confiscation of the Tache Uzelin’s empty ship still fresh in everyone’s mind, TRI has announced plans to issue a few of its own awards on Sunday, 114.07.06, following the Solrain awards event. TRI’s statement indicated that the awards will focus on pilots who fly for the benefit of all the factions rather than just their home faction.

This year’s Reconstruction Days festival is being chaired by Speaker Demeter Garreth of the STCC, who’s re-election campaign for an unprecedented 10th term of Speakership is set to kick off during the holiday. She is well known among many pilots and their dirtside relations as “the pilot’s Speaker,” a moniker she claimed during the closing days of the last election cycle (by stating as-yet-unfulfilled intentions to become a jump pilot herself), which according to most pundits, enabled her to snatch a victory from certain defeat at the polls. We caught up with Speaker Garreth, who had this to say about TRI’s announcement:

Frankly, what TRI Corp is trying to do here is really a non-issue. Pilots are not stupid–they know The Reconstruction Days has been a standing Solrain tradition for nearly a thousand years, since the early days of the SRI. The attention seekers at The Corp are desperate to find relevance for themselves in the post-TRI era, and The Corp tossing out some awards to some (albeit very deserving) pilots, won’t be a distraction from our plans at all. Solrain is not necessarily at odds with multi-factional pilots, or those of the other factions. We hope pilots of every cut will attend this year’s Reconstruction Days. I assure you, I’ve got something up my sleeve to announce that will surely not disappoint.

“The Reconstruction Days” is a three day festival that celebrates the Solrain Reconstruction Initiative, with one day for each of the SRI’s “Three Laws of Pioneering” which later formed the basis for the (now defunct) TRI Charter.

Friday 07.04 – The Rediscovery of the Galaxy
On Friday, there will be a special Solrain Faction Mission created to to try and gather information on the old Solrain outpost station in Light Lost sector.

Saturday 07.05 – The Search for Arcane Knowledge
On Saturday all will be encouraged to search for artifacts.  There will be an agent at Cornea Station periodically throughout the day paying 150% of face value for any artifact.  There will also be an organized hunt beginning at 21:00 GMT.

Sunday 07.06 – The Repopulation of the surviving planets
On Sunday there will be Convoy through the Systems, so be ready with your Trasnsport, Tow or Freighter.  Time, route and Hauling Plans will be communicated separately.  The Convoy will end at Solrain Core, where the annual Solrain Awards will be presented.

Pilots from ALL factions are welcome to participate in The Reconstruction Days events.


Blades Drawn on Oct Core

by Thane Carios

(Octavius Core) Tensions ran high and long knives were drawn on Octavius Core when a group of employees of the Ministries of Trade — that included visiting functionaries from Outpost — got into a quickly-escalating argument about jurisdiction in Octavian Shore. The standoff took place during a midday meal at Kahn’s Kanteen in section 12c of Octavius Core

No one was injured in the argument, leading to the disappointment of many nearby observers. The official statement from the Octavian Ministry of Trade said:

We regret that some of the members of our Ministries allowed their disagreements to get out of hand. An issue that should have been resolved by some shouting and perhaps a limited hand-to-hand contest between two designees became much bigger. We are pleased to report that there are no casualties.

While Octavian Shore Sector is officially under Protection & Control of Emperor Cineon, Clements IV has regularly treated the sector as one of his own. Cinati emperors have controlled Octavian Shore and Primus Point – the only two access points into Oct space — since 31 AT. But in 59 AT when Clements IV came to power and was named as the primary Octavian Emperor in the TRI Charter, he began asserting de facto control of Octavian Shore because of its strategic importance to Ares Prime – partly as a gateway to the other factions and their resources and partly as a buffer against potential aggression from Quincitius II.

STCC Blasts TRI-SEC for Ship Confiscation

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core) The STCC has filed a formal protest with TRI-SEC over the confiscation of the ship belonging to Tache Uzelin that was found abandoned but undamaged in Conflux-controlled space. The STCC has been trying, unsuccessfully, to take possession of the ship since 114.5.26.

“TRI-SEC had no right to take that ship in the first place,” said STCC Speaker Demeter Garreth. “Uzelin was a Solrain citizen traveling in a Solrain ship. We had a representative on the way to The Depths as soon as we were notified of the find,” she added.

TRI-SEC has not publicly responded to the complaint. The fact that the salvage was made in Conflux space makes legal rights in this case very fuzzy, since there does not appear to be any precedent.