Martius Responds to Ares Prime Claims

UUNN Newswire

(Etruscera, Martius) Consul Cicero Rnenta, Consul for Martius, was quick to respond to the recent statement made by Emperor Venticus of Ares Prime about recent DSS decryptions.

“They’re grasping for legitimacy,” said Consul Rnenta.  “They are taking roughly 100 words that were decrytpted and interpolated from an unverified, badly corrupted DSS and turning it into a claim that our greatest legend originated on Ares.  It’s not even a very well-supported theory let alone something resembling historical facts.  I’m not sure whether that DSS is real history … I’m not sure exactly how old it is … and I’m especially suspect of Solrain dating appearing in something purporting to be Octavius history. Continue reading


Imperial Triune “Meets” on Ares Prime

By Thane Carios

(Ares Prime) An unannounced and unprecedented meeting of the Imperial Triune began today on Ares Prime, hosted by Emperor Venticus, with Consuls from Martius and Cinatus in attendance and Emperors Septus and Cineon attending by holoconference.

Ares Prime - Curia Plaza

The Curia Complex in Trivera, Ares Prime

The meeting is being held at The Curia complex in Trivera and includes many ranking members of the Ministries of all three Imperial States.  It is unknown whether Emperor Venticus is attending in-person or by holoconference from his palace.  Although there has been no official announcement or statement, sources within the Ares Prime ministries have confirmed the meeting.

While some have publicly worried that the secretive meeting could be a prelude to Octavius expansionism, sources within Octavius have insisted that the main topics of the historic meeting are economy and defense against the Conflux.

Octavius Releases Emperor’s Commemoration Speech

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The Octavius Ministry of Culture has released a transcript of the Recitation of Heroes delivered by Emperor Septus I from his palace on Martius:

Morte et Inimi, Octavius!!!

Today and for the next two days we come together to honor our Fallen!

I welcome all of you this glorious holiday, when we honor those who have gone before … those who have earned our respect through their blood and their sweat.

So today, as you celebrate by recalling the names and deeds of The Fallen, you must embrace their examples and emulate their valor – for you are now our heroes.

Now let us remember … names from the past … their deeds … their battles …

I remember Fellblade! Leader of the Octavian Vanguard he was a fearsome warrior and leader. But he was also an accomplished bard who celebrated our culture and our ways with his stories.

I remember Algore! Brash, angry, confident, Algore embodies so much of what it means to be from Octavius! He picked up the mantel as leader of OV and he wore it well!

I remember Odiche! He authored THE guide to introduce new pilots to our way of life … and was always there to blame … for our shortcomings!

I Remember Liet! Some called him rogue, pirate and criminal … but I remember his passionate dedication to his favorite charity — the children of Octavius.

I remember Zaltys! Brilliant fighter and master tactician. He was ready and willing to share his knowledge with any warrior who was ready to learn.

So now I leave it now to all of Octavius to uphold our traditions . . . in our hearth-homes, in the barracks, in the streets and squares … to remember The Fallen. Shout their names loudly. Remember them silently. Honor them deeply.

Morte et Inimi, Octavius!!!

Emperor Calls on Octavius Pilots to Commemorate Holiday

by Yaz Shanndar

(Etruscera, Martius)  Emperor Septus I today called on all Octavius Pilots to commemorate the upcoming Feast of the Fallen holiday (116.5.27 through 116.5.29) with the “Bleeding Skies” tradition:

“Although We have chosen to base our holiday celebrations on Martius this year, We do not forget the pilots of Octavius who defend our borders and keep our economy strong.  I call on all our pilots to participate in the one tradition that we cannot duplicate on-planet – The Bleeding Skies.  So to honor our Fallen; mount your BCUs and make space RED – not just in Octavius sectors, but everywhere!  Show your pride in being from Octavius.  And if someone challenges your actions … well you are from Octavius.  You will know what to do.”

TRI-SEC has asked us to remind pilots that tuning beacons in another faction’s space (Quantar and Solrain) will make you subject to attack from pilots of that faction until you leave that faction’s space.

Feast of the Fallen Holidays to be Celebrated On-Planet

UUNN Newswire

(Etruscera, Martius)  The Octavius Ministry of Culture has announced that this year’s Feast of the Fallen holiday — which runs from 116.5.27 through 116.5.29 – will be hosted by Emperor Septus with all of the official ceremonies being held on the planet Martius.

Some have speculated that festivities have been moved dirtside due to security concerns after Emperor Clements IV was assassinated by Solrain extremists during last year’s Recitation of Heroes (the official beginning of the holiday). Consul Cicero Rnenta, speaking on behalf of Emperor Septus, insisted that the move is a return to Octavius tradition, and is a move to make celebrations more accessible to all people of Octavius, rather than focusing on the dwindling jump-pilot population, as has been done over the last few years.

Octavius Challenges TRI

From the TRINN Archives

By Rafel Solamis


(Octavius Core) In a joint press conference, Octavius Emperors Clements IV, Septus, and Cineon announced a drastic departure from the status quo both within the Empire of Octavia, and within TRI itself.

“Given the actions, or inactions, of TRI and its bureaucracy, the Empire of Octavius faces a great threat from the Conflux. For years, TRI has told us that we have nothing to fear, that they are in control of the situation. Then the conflux attack our stations and they present station-shielding technology as a solution. While the Solrain and Quantar governments may have no quarrel with TRI, and their near endless controls and monitors inherent to the shield design, supposedly for monitoring of the conflux, we have great issue with this oversight. We are an autonomous Empire willing to work with TRI for the betterment of our Faction, and of TRI. We cannot continue to offer our support, be it political, financial, or moral, to a bloated and inefficient beast.

Emperor Septus, Emperor Cineon, and myself have signed an official decree that will create within the Ministry of War the Division of Conflux Science and Defense. Our staff, and personnel within the Ministry of War are commissioned to immediately begin action to find a suitable candidate to head this new department. We will do what TRI has been unable to accomplish. We will study the conflux, we will learn their intent, we will learn their habits, and we will destroy them. The time for bureaucracy is at an end.”

The Emperors took no questions after reading their statement. There has been no immediate response from TRI officials.