Artifact CP Auction Rescheduled

TRINN Archives

By Rafel Solamis

(TRI-MSD)  TRI-Material Science Division (TRI-MSD) today released the date of the rescheduled public auction of the Artifact Custom Producer. For those of you who may not be aware, the Arti CP, as it is known, is the pet project of Professor Vandagriff of TRI-MSD. Using technology unlocked through research on various artifacts, TRI-MSD has the ability to take existing items and improve them. While the current list is somewhat limited, TRI-MSD is continually working on additional recipes. The current producible artifacts are: PCP-2, PCP-4, PCE-2 PCE-3, PCE-5, PCS-1, PCS-3, PCS-4, PCM-AB3, PCM-AB4, PCM-CM3, PCM-CM4, PCM-EB2, and PCM-EB3.

The auction for the Artifact Custom Producer will take place at the TRI-MSD offices at Solrain Core station at 2100Ekoos on 104.9.21. “We realize that some people may have an aversion to making their bid known, and we are sympathetic to that”, offered Professor Vandagriff. “We will permit a broker to function as a third-party bidder, provided that they are properly certified. That will require a secure message from the squad leader stating they have procured the services of said broker. Also, a note of intent will be needed from the broker to insure there is no possibility of abuse.” The duration of the contract is listed at thirty days, with 50% of the bid required on Day 1 and 50% on Day 30. The Artifact Custom Producer will then be rebid.


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