Thrice Seven Return, Calatorius Responds

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ) The Thrice Seven sentient knows as Xeiathel made it’s first appearance in over two years on 104.9.24, to the surprise of TRI and her pilots. From all appearances, most pilots have become complacent with the recent attacks of the Conflux, since there have been little in a threat offered. Dr. Calatorius offered these thoughts:

“Despite the claims to the contrary, TRI-CSD personnel are gravely concerned with the current development of the Conflux. We are more concerned at the lack of force that was shown to the T7 Xeiathel. This shows incredible weakness on our behalf, and could set the stage for an increase in the size and strength of coming attacks. Perhaps Mr. Serus’ faith in our pilots is misplaced. I remain confident that we will win this war, but I fear the costs will be astronomical.

To respond to my critics, I would offer that we are doing all that we can to further our evolution, if you will, in the face of an increasingly hostile enemy. We have sent probes toward the Conflux planets, with no success. It seems the Conflux are able to destroy our scouts, as we can destroy theirs. We have also studied the scans and logs of pilots who have encountered the Conflux Hive, as we are calling it, in Canis 9502. We have contacted the Bureau of Stellar Cartography and they are updating all pilot flight databases with this name, to ensure we are all looking at the same event. In an effort to gather intelligence and hopefully insight to the Conflux, TRI-CSD will be sending a team to investigate and run deep scans of the “Hive” in Canis 9502. This will take place on 104.10.1 at 2100Ekoos. Our team will depart from Solrain Core station. We will require as many pilots to fly escort as possible, as the magnitude of the thread in Canis sector is severe. We would also hope to have a few Bomber class ships in case the gates become infested. This could prove to be the most important mission we have ever taken.”