Serus and Calatorius Discuss Recent Conflux Events

TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-Defense HQ) In a private meeting, Dr. Calatorius of TRI-CSD and Dominic Serus of TRI-Defense answered the questions posed by  Zoe Vexel of TRINN in regards to recent Conflux activity, and the pictures that were supposedly taken planetside and were leaked by the UUNN.

ZV: Gentlemen, I thank you for your time this afternoon. You have both seen the picture that was taken planetside by a Quantar Monk and leaked by the UUNN. What say you of the claims of Conflux probing the planets?

AC: I don’t hold much stock in them. For one thing, they are very blurred and nearly impossible to make out any detail. Some say they are Conflux, I say they are asteroid fragments. There is more evidence to support my theory than theirs.

DS: It is simply illogical to think that the Conflux would suddenly decide to start investigating planets when they have only shown interest in our spaceside operations. They gain nothing planetside. We know they are unable to exist in an atmosphere, so that blur simply cannot be alien in nature.

ZV: That is an interesting statement Mr. Serus. Many people would likely consider your casting off the Conflux threat as foolish. There are many, many notations of major changes in the Conflux. It would appear to the uninitiated that they are learning more each day, and are, in a word, evolving.

AC: It is true; we know the Conflux are capable of evolving. We have seen it many times in our history. What I believe Mr. Serus is saying is there are not sufficient environmental changes for the Conflux to effect this sort of an evolutionary change. In order for evolutionary change to take place, it requires a shift of environment that would require the body to adjust its ability to exist.

ZV: So what you are saying Doctor is that there must be a change of environment in order for something to evolve?

AC: In a nutshell, yes.

DS: Let me also offer that we often receive these types of photos. We have been getting them from before we even entered space. There have always been a logical, rational explanation for them, and this time I am sure there is one as well. The thing that many people that are planetside do not realize is that we run regular shuttles to our planetary stations, and we have as much research and development going on planetside as we do spaceside. The bulk of these images are simply failed, though sometimes successful, tests of this R&D work.

ZV: So, what is your response to those who would claim that you are trying to bury the truth? Many say that these are some variant of Conflux that is capable of flying just beyond the atmosphere, and are gathering reconnaissance. Take the Conflux referred to as “Lemmings.” They were a suicide force.

DS: That is patently absurd. What does TRI, or anyone for that matter, stand to gain by not addressing any and all threats the Conflux pose? We have the finest scientists from all the factions of TRI, as well as representatives from Hyperial’s esteemed scientific community that study the Conflux, and all their changes and adaptations. They all agree that this simply cannot be Conflux. The spaceside pilots are the ones who will bear the brunt of Conflux aggression. They are the front line, and we are confident of their skill and ability.

ZV: Doctor Calatorius, what comment do you have on what has been described as a hive being built by the Conflux in Canis 9502?

AC: We are currently studying preliminary information that was retrieved from pilot logs and sensors. We are curious to its development, as we have not seen this sort of behavior from the Conflux before. We intend to assemble a research team to go and investigate the phenomena that has been witnessed in Canis.

ZV: There are many pilots that are seriously concerned at the developments of late. The Conflux have changed their strategies and tactics. They have used decoys and diversions to separate our response crews, and the drone spawn level in Canis has shown a marked increase. What is TRI doing to respond to these developments?

DS: We have been successful in linking the sector beacons with the CLAWS array that will enable any tuned beacon to transmit Conflux information. We have worked to secure our communications and research facilities. Please keep in mind as well that we have the finest pilots ever to set foot in a ship. There is simply no way the Conflux can win.

AC: I agree. We have
never seen an attack that was not repelled. Our pilots, in combination with the tracking we now have, have proven far superior to the Conflux. Remember, every time they have evolved, we have risen and met the new challenge. We have evolved, if you will, as well.

ZV: That is true, but some would offer that the Conflux are simply playing with us. That they have much more ability than we have seen. How do you respond?

DS: That is simply foolish thinking. I didn’t realize that TRINN engaged in the propagation of rumors and conjecture. I think we are done here.


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