TRI Bootleg ’04 Final Results

From the TRINN Archives

By Alexa A’vros

(TRI-RMD)┬áThe first running of the TRI BOOTLEG ’04 was completed on 104.9.25, and good times were had by all. With a prize pool of over 90 million credits, it was a profitable event as well. The runners of the BOOTLEG ’04 were Radi, Ambrosius, vulture83, Firestorm, CoC, and Dr-McManus. The Smokies were midi1, hostage, KiaDevil, RaiderOne, Ghostwolf, and punknads. The runners were to start at Wake station, and travel to Great Pillars, Quantar Core, and then Solrain Core station, with a combination of Oct Lite, Sol Stout, and Quanus Ice. The smokies were trying to either down the runners, or steal their wares. The station brokers for the event were Tensity, VALEN, and 8ohms. The TRI BOOTLEG ’04 was organized by Tensity and biteme, and they have promised another one.

Radi finished first for the runners, followed by Ambrosius and vulture83 finished third. For the smokies, midi1 and hostage led their division with 2 kills each, followed by KiaDevil and RaiderOne with one each.

Pilot Radi, for winning the Runner portion, is awarded the All Nations Flag. Smokies midi1 and hostage, each with 2 kills, are awarded Sarath’s Rage, and event organizers Tensity and biteme are awarded the Echoes Of Hope.