CLAWS Array Release – 104.09.12



From: Tache Uzelin, Director Defensive Operations, TRI

The CLAWS arrays, located in Pulsar and Aman Leap, are detecting what we consider an increase in activity deep within Conflux space. Based on historical observations, and computer modeling, we are anticipating a marked increase in Sentient and Drone Conflux activity in the next 72-96 hours. There is conflicting data as to the strength of the activity, but we are confident that we will see Conflux activity in the coming days, so we are increasing the TRIDefCon to Level 3.

All pilots are advised to use extreme caution when in space. Conflux have shown a great deal of interest in our Custom Producers and Subspace Transceivers. Pilots should use caution in sectors containing these buildings. Pilots are advised to restrict their travel in Unregulated space, as there is a historical trend of greater attack and infestation probability there. If you must travel in Unregulated space, pilots should travel in groups to maximize their defense capabilities.

This warning will expire on unless extended or cancelled prior.


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