STCC Taps Pre-Collapse Leader To Help Find Solrain

TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – STCC Minister of Trade Ferrix Charyb announced this morning that Solidarity squad leader Drayvn has been appointed as Project Director for the STCC’s search for the planet Solrain.

“We are very pleased to have Drayvn onboard,” stated Charyb. “The return to more honorable ways that Solidarity has shown over the past weeks is a credit not only to their dedicated team, but also to their leader. As such, this makes Drayvn the ideal choice to act on behalf of the STCC, as we search for our lost planet.”

“Thank you for the appointment as Project Director for the location of our lost homeworld Solrain,” commented Drayvn. “I am honored to head this project and with the assistance of my squad, Solidarity, we will do what it takes to get it done. We are also inviting any Solrain pilots interested in helping to join us in the search. I’d like to thank the STCC for making this possible and maybe, just maybe we’ll find our lost home planet.”

Drayvn’s first task will be to define the working parameters of a widespread
search of Solrain systems, looking for pre-collapse datadisks.


Daring Raid Leads To Pilot’s Escape

by Alexa A’vros

TRINN Archives

(Quantar Core)  A late evening raid by Lions of Hamalzah agent Maus, with a small group of TRI pilots as escort, has led to the escape of the Fourth Tribe’s spokesperson Hrafn.
Although opposed by several pilots loyal to Octavius, including pilots from OEC and OMC, the rescue team managed to get Maus to the prison station, where he was able to get Hrafn to his ship for a quick departure. Despite hitting a petal, Hrafn was safely returned to Quantar Core station, where he is undergoing physical and psychological therapy for the various injuries inflicted by his captors.

The whereabouts of Maus is currently unknown, after pilot Elmdor downed Maus, shortly after Hrafn escaped.

“Everyone here is pleased to see one of our own returned to us safely,” stated Governor Delphia Neamru. “Perhaps next time, Phoenix Rising will think twice about abducting innocent bystanders, and trying to extort concessions out of the Fa’hil Memta. I will personally ensure that those pilots who were brave enough to assist in this operation are suitably recognized ”

There has been no official comment from the Octavian government regarding this incident.

Fourth Tribe Spokesperson Abducted

TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

(Great Pillars Station) Quantar pilot Hrafn, 9th Brother and Spokesperson for the Fourth Tribe, was abducted shortly after docking at Great Pillars station, following the attack against Cromforge facilities earlier in the week.

Octavian separatist group Phoenix Rising has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

“Phoenix Rising, in the name of our friends, Amber Fist, has removed the zealot Hrafn from space. Unless the Tahirs wish to assist this rock licker meet his precious Hamalzah early, they will arrange to hand Septio over to us within the next fourteen days.”

“As soon as he left his ship, he was jumped by a group of four or five guys all dressed in black.” remarked a worker at Great Pillars station. “It was very efficient and professional – they drugged him and dragged him off in what seems like no time at all. Glad it wasn’t me they were after.”

Quantar Pilots Take Olympics By Storm

From TRINN Archives
by Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – After four events in the TRI Olympics, Quantar pilots have taken a commanding lead by winning eleven medals, while completely locking out Octavius and Solrain.

The results so far…

Advanced Freestyle Docking Competition (105.02.04)

Ultimate Adept spork (45.13s)
Penultimate Adept GrimGriz (48.75s)
Antepenultimate Adept leonard (50.33s)

Structured Docking Competition (105.02.05)

Ultimate Adept Kovarid (84.46s)
Penultimate Adept Kestin (90.26s)

Advanced structured Docking Competition (105.02.05)

Ultimate Adept spork (39.92s)
Penultimate Adept DireCoyote (42.36s)
Antepenultimate Adept GrimGriz (42.39s)

Advanced Concentration Docking Competition (105.02.08)

Ultimate Adept DireCoyote
Penultimate Adept leonard
Antepenultimate Adept Regan

Pilots are encouraged to join in the rest of the planned events.

Olympics, Race of Pilgrims Set To Test Pilots

TRINN Archives
By Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Two upcoming competitions offer different and unique challenges to all TRI pilots.

105.01.28 through 105.01.31 will see the first ever Race of the Pilgrims. Pilots will be challenged to fly five legs, giving them the chance to show off their true navigational skills.  With a prize pool consisting of medals and almost 200 million credits, the Race of the Pilgrims promises to be a unique and exciting event.

Rumors of a protracted series of contests of skill became fact as Echo Tetsab (Director, TRI-RMD) revealed details regarding the TRI Olympics. Having negotiated cooperation from all three factional governments, sponsor companies Tens & Piney, Octave Propulsion Labs and Venurian Prospecting have cleared the final legal hurdles involved in bring a gauntlet of skill to pilots everywhere.

“Bluntly stated, pilot morale directly impacts the profitability of our manufacturing business. A contest of talent that revolves around pilots demonstrating our products’ most extreme capabilities can only be mutually beneficial,” stated Vivian Duvazaco of Tens & Piney.

The sponsor companies, together with TRI-RMD, Jumpgate Pirate Radio, and a number of pilots whose identities have not yet been revealed have arranged for both medals and large cash awards for each event’s winners.

The games begin with a processional convoy tour of all three faction core stations on 105.02.04. Detailed event scheduling will be available here and documentation regarding the details of each event have been placed here.

Tens & Piney Responds To Allegations

By Alexa A’vros

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – According to a brief statement from Tens & Piney spokesperson Vivian Duvazaco, the Solrain based corporation has decided to take a strong stance against TRI squad Vae Victis.

“Tens & Piney categorically denies any part, or knowledge of the ‘deal’ mentioned by TRI squad Vae Victis in their recent press release.

“By falsely associating Tens & Piney with their activities, Vae Victis has attempted to drag our good name down to their level. This is totally unacceptable, and as such, we have decided to take a strong stance against these illiterate pirates. Effective immediately, Tens & Piney is offering a reward of three hundred thousand credits for confirmed rips of Vae Victis pilots. Claims should be sent via standard TRI communications to Tens & Piney, and this offer is good for fourteen days.”

Pilots Promote Good Morale

From the TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Following on from the series of activities sponsored by TRI-RMD last month, various TRI pilots have picked up the torch, and are hosting their own activities to maintain pilot morale.

105.01.06 at 9pm ET – Pilot Combat Training
Quantar pilot Radi is hosting a training course for both new and veteran pilots alike, to help hone their combat skills against other pilots.

105.01.07 – JG Tournament (2005)
RaiderOne, squad -=DragonEye=-, TRI-RMD and JPR are teaming up to bring you ‘JG Tournament 2005’. A team based series of competitions to test many aspects of pilot life, with a large prize pool to boot!

105.02.17 at 8pm ET – Weekend of War V
Being organized this time by pilot Garak, and Solrain squad -=DragonEye=-, the Weekend of War promises to be an exciting event, and a great chance to fly with old friends, and make new ones!

“We here at TRI-RMD are always pleased to see pilots host events and activities for the benefit of other pilots,” commented Echo Tetsab, Director of TRI-RMD. “I personally encourage pilots to join in these events, or even host and organize their own – we are always willing to listen and offer feedback on pilots’ ideas, and offer support as appropriate.”