Renowned Conflux Expert Dies

Thane Carios

(Lepsia, Cinatus) Octavius announced today that Conflux expert Dr. Aulus Calatorius died this morning with a statement from Emperor Cineon I:

Aveg et H’nore, Octavius! Today we lost a great hero.  Aulus Calatorius died this morning at his home.  Calatorius lived a long, honorable and prolific 81 years, serving Octavius and The Reconstruction Initiative in the defense against the Conflux.  He was one of the pioneers in Conflux Research, working with his colleague Dr. Holly Q’son to try to understand the Conflux to try to give us all and advantage in our battles against them.  He was largely responsible for the development of C.L.A.W.S . – the TRI array of sensor we had to provide early warning against attacks.

Aulus Clatorius has passed through Avernus to feast with our ancestors  — heroes all.  Aveg et H’nore.

Calatorius began his career with TRI-R CSD, taking over as its head when Dr. Holly CalatoriusQ’son resigned in 103 but left just a little more than a year later, shortly after the break-in incident at TRIs Conflux Containment Center in Inner Aman, citing personal reasons.  He resurfaced as Conflux Expert at the Octavius Ministry of War not long after.

Calatorius  had avoided the public eye for many years .  Although he did not officially retire until 114.7 he was not often seen or heard from since well before The Catastrophe.


TRI-R/CSD Issues Warning

UUNN Newswire

TRI Research Conflux Studies Division has issued the following release:

Careful analysis of the data collected by pilots during the recent scanning missions focused on the anomaly in Dark Crossroads has revealed that the emanations from the target anomaly are considerably different than those of the baseline. The rupture in spacetime presented by this anomaly seems to be shifting in phase, fluctuating in amplitude dramatically. We urge pilots to continue to keep the infestations cleared, to remain vigilant in patrols of the area, and to exercise caution near that anomaly.

Thus far, pilots have confirmed the following points about the recent peculiar Conflux activity near Dark Crossroads (DX):

  1. Conflux Sentients have been verbalizing, using Base64, with words often scrambled.  The primary message has been “the Ascendancy of Zythren(?) Ka, It is coming.” with some other occasional messages such as “get out” and “no fight” (or possibly “fight on”).
  2. Pink Sentient markers have been noticed in DX, despite no tuned beacons, often times with no Sentient sighted in-sectpr.
  3. Drone spawns in Dark Crossroads have changed significantly, with C12 Phocacea and C13-15 Nautiloids having been reported so far.
  4. Sentient and drone conflict has increased in the sectors near bordering DX. There’s been a wide variety of C-class types engaged in combat, higher drones than normally reported for the area.
  5. There has been continuing Infestation activity of varying strengths, centered around DX.
  6. There seems to be be an increase in the amount of storms in the area, though that may also be coincidental.

Calatorius Snubs Conflux Symposium

 UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) The meeting of “Conflux experts” that was announced 2 weeks ago by Speaker Demeter Garreth of Solrain and held secretly earlier this week at Wake station was precisely one notable expert short. Dr. Aulus Calatorius of the Octavian Ministry of War announced today that though he was invited, he declined to attend the intensive meetings. Instead, he announced his retirement (at age 79) from public and academic service, citing personal and health reasons, plus a desire to see the next generation step up into a leadership role in the Conflux War. Cinatus Emperor Cineon released the following statement:

In my 16 years as Emperor, I’ve never met a man as loyal and dedicated to the people of Octavius as Minister Calatorius. His knowledge and service to all of humanity against the mindless onslaught of the Conflux will never be matched. Yet the people of Octavius shall remain undaunted in the face of our enemies. Aveg et H’nore, Doctor Calatorius.

In the absence of an established authority figure such as Dr. Calatorius setting the tone, we are told that the experts present were sharing information in an unusually open format where the exchange of theories and data was fluid. The symposium overran its allotted time in the conference center at Wake station, meeting almost continuously for 3 full days.


GateKey Production To Be Scrapped

From the TRINN archives

By Zoe Vexel
Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – TRI announced in a press release today that a formal request had been sent to Amananth to cease production of GateKey MODx for TRI ships.
GateKeys are required to pass the specially-tuned gates leading into Conflux space. Per the release, TRIR-CSD will be simultaneously decommissioning the generators that prevent normal jump access.

“The GateKeys have been a drain on resources,” commented Spiro Wengat, an aide to Sagrith Hubri. “It’s high time the CPUs and other valuable components used to produce them were diverted to more important needs. The defensive merit of the existing system has been limited.”

Dr. Aulus Calatorius, representing the Division of Conflux Science and Defense, was less reserved in his comments. “The TRI GateKey project was a poorly-considered travesty,” Calatorius remarked. “The frequency shifts on the transfer gates never have done a [deleted] thing to keep Conflux swarms out of our space. TRI’s distortion wave generators should have been removed long ago, so that our forces could take the fight to the Conflux unhindered.”

No representatives of TRI-R CSD were available for comment, although pilots are advised to return surplus GateKeys to stations for recycling.

Conflux Raid Devastates Octavius Core Markets

From the TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Octavius Core (TRI-FP) – At approximately 8:00 pm last night, a Conflux Sentient raiding party, led by C13-S ‘Kamikaze’ and associated escorts attacked Octavius Core station, causing major damage to market stocks.

“Octavius Core station stocks were almost totally destroyed, “stated Governor Hasdrubar Carto. “Despite the total lack of advanced warning from TRI, our hard working engineers brought production back online within minutes, and we expect station stocks to recover to adequate levels quickly.

“Octavius cannot continue to suffer these attacks, compounded with the apathy shown by the TRI Executive Council and their Conflux Studies Division. If TRI continues to refuse to enhance early warning systems, Octavius shall be left with no alternative but to take matters into its own hands.”

In related news, Quantar medical staff at Corridor have indicated that Governor Sathama Randi has been upgraded to stable condition, and is expected to be back at work within weeks.

TRI Research Discusses CCC Incident

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe vexel

(TRI-HQ) – Dr Calatorius, Head of TRI Research, Conflux Studies, has issued the following statement regarding the incident at the Conflux Containment Center last night.

“As you are no doubt aware, there was an incident at the Containment Center in Inner Aman last night, resulting in the unfortunate escape of the sentient being held there. TRINN earlier reported that this was caused by a small group of pilots who were able to penetrate the CCC security systems. I can only say that such reporting without any factual basis is totally irresponsible, and I would expect better from TRINN.

“The simple fact is, that as a direct cause of the ongoing Amananth blockade, maintenance crews were unable to gain access to the CCC to repair a faulty system. The system ultimately failed last night, and although backup systems were activated, the C8-S managed to escape in the short window of opportunity. By the time that TRI-Defense Enforcer pilots were able to respond, the sentient and its accompanying drones were dispatched by members of New Dawn and other pilots.

“With the escape of the sentient, the containment center has been shut down indefinitely.”

Sentient Escapes From Containment Center

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(Inner Aman)  Shortly before 10 pm Ekoos last night, a small multi-factional group of pilots were able to penetrate the Amananth blockade and disable the primary security systems for the Conflux Containment Center in Inner Aman.

While no official word has been forthcoming from TRI Research, or CSD, anonymous sources within CSD indicate that several data disks were stolen, and the containment field within the CCC was deliberately disabled in order to provide a distraction to assist in the getaway.

The C8-S held within the containment center quickly escaped, and headed towards the hive in Canis, although was shot down before it could reach its target.