CLAWS Reactivated!!!

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ)  Today at 0800 Ekoo, TRI-CSD personnel were finally successful in restoring complete functionality to the two CLAWS arrays located in Pulsar and Aman Leap. After repeated delays and technical pitfalls, it appears that the problems wrought during the C-10S sentient attack on the arrays, that also cost the lives of Repair team Alpha, have been remedied. Dr. Calatorius offered these remarks at this morning’s press conference:

“Today we take fire our first shot across the bow of the recent Conflux attacks. For the last weeks, the Conflux had the luxury of stealth when they succeeded it forcing the shutdown of our CLAWS arrays. This morning, at 0800 Ekoo, the Pulsar array was successfully brought online, with full system function. At 0817, the Aman Leap array was also reactivated. While we continue to work the data received from the attacks on the arrays, we have successfully reworked the operations of the arrays so that they will not be victim of attacks at we have seen. We have increased the internal electromagnetic insulation of the arrays, and we have installed a system that will actually allow us to recharge the arrays from such attacks in the future.

On a more troubling note, we are reviewing preliminary reports from pilot’s on-scene during last night’s attacks that the Conflux were able to utilize our KTRI band for message transmission. This is an unforeseen, and exceptionally troubling development. While we know that the Conflux are able to interact with some structures, we did not think they had the capacity for something of this nature. I would ask all pilots of TRI to step up their patrols, and ensure that the various subspace transceivers and Custom Producers we rely on for communications and security are not under siege. While our CLAWS array will provide us early warning, it will not protect us from what is coming, only preface it. We will be sending an investigation team to the array tomorrow at 1300 Ekoo to inspect the subspace transceiver in Octavian Shore. I have received a preliminary scan from pilot FS_Vexel, TRINN, TRI-CSD, Calatorius, CLAWSPanther that is encouraging. There seems to be no damage to the transceiver, only that it was compromised. I am sure our investigation tomorrow will provide more data. Any pilots available for flux coverage or to aid in the scanning are encouraged to meet our team at Octavius Core station at 1300 Ekoo tomorrow. “


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