Aristo Cup Races Draw Crowds of both Racers and Spectators

From the TRINN Archives

by Thane Carios

(TRI-HQ) The latest Aristio Cup races kicked off on 110.7.25 with the first in what will be a series of at least five parts, with the initial race being the “Amananth 444” — a three-lap course through The Gyre, Aman Hook, Last Parsec, Sea of Shadows and The Split — starting and finishing in Aman Station. Nine pilots participated in the Heavy-Miner-Class event, and eight in the Transport-Class event. This was a straight-out “speed” race where the winner was the first to finish the course and dock, but an additional 20 race point could be earned by going through the Last Parsec beacon.

“We are so pleased that CaptainCow has decided to run another Artistio Cup series!” said Echo Tetsab, Director of TRI-RMD. “And we also want to than the Series Sponsor, Aristio Conglomerated. Hopefully we’ll see more and more actual race participants as the series progresses.”

When asked for comment, Race Organizer, CaptainCow said, “MOO!” . . . which, according to our translator, means: “The pilot population seemed to be really excited about this year’s Aristio Cup. There were lots of spectators to cheer on the racers and help ensure their safety from any Conflux that may have shown up to spoil the party. With the Amananth 444 successfully complete we must now turn our attention to the next race that will require much more preparatory work!”

When asked if, in retrospect, he would have changed anything about this race, CaptainCow mooed, “Yeah, having an official in more than 2 places would have helped keep track of laps. I believe it was a simultaneous jump that I missed Moody 1 lap, and I jumped out of my lap counting sector [because] too many non-participants [were]dropping flux.”

The winners of the Heavy Miner event were: Algore and Moody for Octavius; Jargo for Solrain and Nessos for Quantar. Moody was awarded a “win” because of a judging problem that cost him significant time. The winners of the Transport Class were: Rainman for Octavius; NOTORIOUS for Solrain; and Tesrend for Quantar. The point accumulated for winning and beacon-tuning will go towards determining overall series winners for The Aristio Cup.

Each factional winner was awarded the Ronin’s Choice award, plus five Intimidator power plants.

All other participants received the Keval’s Thanks medal. CaptainCow received the Echoes of Hope award for organizing the race, as did RedDwarf, Tesrend and Wolfdog for their assistance in the running and promoting of the event.

The last time the Aristio Cup Race Series was run was four years ago in 106. The next race in the series will be held on 110.8.8 at 15:00 Ekoos Time. This race will start in Hyperial and will involve picking up ore and hauling it to Quantar Depot.

Complete Amananth 444 Race Results (Overall Points in brackets):


Octavius: [1] Algore (120 points) & Moody (100); [2] BIG_IRON (90); [3] Magnus-Ex (110)

Solrain: [1] Jargo (160 points); [2] Painter (70)

Quantar: [1] Nessos (140 points); [2] SleazRider (130); [3] Goose (110)

Octavius: [1] Rainman (100 points); [2] InMe (90); [3] Brasidas (50); [4] Magnus-Ex (80); [5] Algore (80)

Solrain: [1] NOTORIUS (160); [2] Painter (90);

Quantar: [1] Tesrend (160)


TRINN Funding Restored; TRI Reform in Progress

From the TRINN Archives

by Demosthenes

(Solrain Core)  The recent hiatus in news coverage, caused by the invalidation of the original TRI Treaty, is now coming to an end. Except for some diplomatic channels and the operations of the TRI pilots, interstellar communication among the factions has suffered serious disruption as the factions continue to wrangle over issues of funding and jurisdiction for former and continuing TRI operations.

Several critical services have been agreed upon as functions of the remnant TRI Corporation that now appears to be the likely result of continuing high-level discussions. The TRI Insurance Division has already been contracted by Octavius, Solrain, and Quantar governments to provide financial services to their pilots. News services provided by TRINN have been elevated to a “necessary function” by all three member factions, and budget has been earmarked for continuation of services. All TRI construction operations, long underfunded by the factions, have halted except for ship hull manufacture and some jumpgate maintenance. Indications are that a streamlined Heavy Industries division of TRI is being considered, as well as a Research division with functions limited to Conflux studies and jumpgate technology. The TRI Defense Ministry has been abolished by the factional governments and all military powers reclaimed under native sovereignty. Military “incidents” among the factions have been widespread for weeks and comprehensive reports on these actions and their repercussions are being compiled for release.

It appears TRI will retain its monopoly on control of the jumpgate network, and rumors persist that funding through gate tolls is being seriously considered as a new corporate policy. A temporary TRI Board of Directors has been formed of division heads whose organizations are being retained during the reform, but there has been no word on the status of the office of Prime.

Further bulletins on the reorganization of TRI will be issued as information is made public.

STCC Taps Pre-Collapse Leader To Help Find Solrain

TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – STCC Minister of Trade Ferrix Charyb announced this morning that Solidarity squad leader Drayvn has been appointed as Project Director for the STCC’s search for the planet Solrain.

“We are very pleased to have Drayvn onboard,” stated Charyb. “The return to more honorable ways that Solidarity has shown over the past weeks is a credit not only to their dedicated team, but also to their leader. As such, this makes Drayvn the ideal choice to act on behalf of the STCC, as we search for our lost planet.”

“Thank you for the appointment as Project Director for the location of our lost homeworld Solrain,” commented Drayvn. “I am honored to head this project and with the assistance of my squad, Solidarity, we will do what it takes to get it done. We are also inviting any Solrain pilots interested in helping to join us in the search. I’d like to thank the STCC for making this possible and maybe, just maybe we’ll find our lost home planet.”

Drayvn’s first task will be to define the working parameters of a widespread
search of Solrain systems, looking for pre-collapse datadisks.

STCC Confirms Existence Of Pre-Collapse Citizens

TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – In a statement released to TRINN this morning, the STCC has confirmed the bizarre story of pilot Drayvn and his friend Kyn Nei, who was murdered late last week.

“The STCC has been working closely*with the survivors to help them integrate into modern society, and we were shocked and outraged to hear of Kyn Nei’s murder,” stated Minister of Citizenry Aljia Keval. “These people have gone through enough pain and suffering, between their original diseases, and the failed attempts to destroy their cryosleep chamber.”

The Fa’hil Memta has also responded with a brief statement.

“The balance of power between the three factions maintains the relative peace for all citizens,” stated Tahir Queliar Neamru. “The Fa’hil Memta can not, and will not allow one faction to gain a significant technological advantage over the other two. The potential knowledge available to Solrain from these pre collapse survivors threatened that balance,
and so, with the help of the Octavian Empire, direct action against the cryosleep chamber was authorized. However, if the amnesia suffered by the survivors is indeed genuine, then we see no need to take further direct action in this matter.”

The story reported by ZeroZ95 was confirmed by Hyperial.

“Although records are sketchy, the timeline outlined by historian ZeroZ95 is correct,” commented Station Governor Graham Talut.  “While Hyperial regrets losing track of the survivors in the chaos following the wars, as soon as practical we worked closely with Samsun’s fledgling biochemical facilities to identify a cure, and arrange repatriation to

“The actions of the Fa’hil Memta and their Octavian lackeys do not
surprise us. The loss of life, both from the original attack, and this recent
murder of Kyn Nei by rabid terrorists, is typical of the extremist tactics
employed by both Quantar and Octavian fanatics.

“Perhaps this episode may convince some TRI pilots that Hyperial is not
the enemy. For that role, they should look closer to home.”

TRINN was unable to extract a formal statement from anyone within the
Octavian government.

Daring Raid Leads To Pilot’s Escape

by Alexa A’vros

TRINN Archives

(Quantar Core)  A late evening raid by Lions of Hamalzah agent Maus, with a small group of TRI pilots as escort, has led to the escape of the Fourth Tribe’s spokesperson Hrafn.
Although opposed by several pilots loyal to Octavius, including pilots from OEC and OMC, the rescue team managed to get Maus to the prison station, where he was able to get Hrafn to his ship for a quick departure. Despite hitting a petal, Hrafn was safely returned to Quantar Core station, where he is undergoing physical and psychological therapy for the various injuries inflicted by his captors.

The whereabouts of Maus is currently unknown, after pilot Elmdor downed Maus, shortly after Hrafn escaped.

“Everyone here is pleased to see one of our own returned to us safely,” stated Governor Delphia Neamru. “Perhaps next time, Phoenix Rising will think twice about abducting innocent bystanders, and trying to extort concessions out of the Fa’hil Memta. I will personally ensure that those pilots who were brave enough to assist in this operation are suitably recognized ”

There has been no official comment from the Octavian government regarding this incident.

Fourth Tribe Spokesperson Abducted

TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

(Great Pillars Station) Quantar pilot Hrafn, 9th Brother and Spokesperson for the Fourth Tribe, was abducted shortly after docking at Great Pillars station, following the attack against Cromforge facilities earlier in the week.

Octavian separatist group Phoenix Rising has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

“Phoenix Rising, in the name of our friends, Amber Fist, has removed the zealot Hrafn from space. Unless the Tahirs wish to assist this rock licker meet his precious Hamalzah early, they will arrange to hand Septio over to us within the next fourteen days.”

“As soon as he left his ship, he was jumped by a group of four or five guys all dressed in black.” remarked a worker at Great Pillars station. “It was very efficient and professional – they drugged him and dragged him off in what seems like no time at all. Glad it wasn’t me they were after.”

Cromforge Inventories Sabotaged

From the TRINN Archives
By Rafel Solamis

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Inventories of Cromforge Enterprise equipment have been hit hard by apparent sabotage, according to a press release issued today by Cromforge spokesperson Cila Rotup’uh.

“Shortly after 9pm a large group of Octavian pilots, primarily from squad OEC, entered Quantar space, escorting Livia Pulchra towards TriPoint station. In a preemptive strike, Pulchra was quickly returned to Octavian space by pilot spork of Quantar squad Brotherhood. Facing strong resistance around TriPoint, the Octavians moved towards Quantar Core and Corridor instead, and were able to destroy Cromforge’s Thorn manufacturing facilities at those stations. Two more attempts to sabotage the primary Thorn facilities at TriPoint were thwarted by pilots from assorted Quantar squads, including Brotherhood, DDZ, and Fourth Tribe. Pilot Radi was able to inflict two pod rides on Pulchra, with able assistance from CaptainCow of DDZ.

“The loss of the facilities and equipment at Corridor and Quantar Core is unfortunate, but Cromforge will recover from this. We are, of course, very grateful to all those pilots who helped to successfully protect our facilities at TriPoint, while extremely disappointed that a squad such as OEC would lower itself to escorting a known saboteur like Pulchra.

“Credible information from pilot Hrafn has led to Octave Propulsion Labs being identified as the ultimate instigator of this incident, and Cromforge is currently reviewing its options for remediation.”

OPL’s public relations department did not immediately respond to TRINN’s request for comment.