Octavius Wraps Up Uneventful Holiday

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(Outpost Station)  The festivities are over, most of the celebrants have regained sobriety, the maintenance crews have finished putting Outpost Station back in order and through it all there was little news, issues or fanfare about the latest Feast of the Fallen 117 holiday.

This years highlight was Emperor Cineon’s appearance in Outpost sector to do the Recitation of Heroes.  Although it would not seem notable, Cineon’s Recitation was interrupted by a Sentient Conflux attack in 114 and Clements IV was assassinated as he was beginning his recitation in 115. Last year Emperor Septus decided that the better part of valor was discretion, and did his Recitation from the Palace Grounds on Martius. Continue reading


Octavius Prepares for a Holiday

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(Cinatus) Octavius Outpost station will be the center of this year’s Feast of the Fallen holiday, which runs from 117.5.26 through 117.5.28 with Emperor Cineon I presiding over the annual three-day celebration.  Cineon last presided over the holiday in 114.  Just a year later, the holiday was devastated by the assassination of Clements IV as he began the Recitation of Heroes.  Last year’s event, led by Emperor Atticus Septus, was somewhat muted with most of the official festivities dirtside on Martius.

Although this year’s space-based activities will continue to be fairly limited, Cineon has insisted on holding  the Recitation of Heroes out in space once again.

Day of Remembering – 117.5.26

At 18:00 UTC Emperor Cineon will lead the Recitation of Heroes, where the name of an Octavius warrior or hero from the past is called out aloud and the hero’s accomplishments and victories are recalled. Cineon has asked the citizens of Octavius to submit their own remembrances for him to read publicly.

Day of Battle – 117.5.27

“The Bleeding Skies” — All Octavius is called upon to tune beacons RED across Octavius — and throughout all space — for the entire day.

Members of the lesser factions are welcome to challenge those actions.

Day of Feasting – 117.5.28

All are urged to enjoy to good company of family and friends to celebrate Heroes past, present, and future.

Emperor Looks for Citizen Participation in Recitation of Heroes

by Yaz Shanndar

(Outpost Station)  Emperor Cineon today asked for more citizen participation in the official Recitation of Heroes ceremony to be held on 117.5.26.  The Recitation of Heroes is that is the highlight of the first day of the Octavius Feast of the Fallen holidays, where the names of former “heroes” of Octavius are called out publicly, sometimes with a brief remembrance.

“Some of these heroes passed to the Halls long ago,” said Governor Zenobia Zavera, who will help host this year’s holiday.  “Others are retired, and other are long lost – but we still hope for their return,” she added. Continue reading

Imperial Triune “Meets” on Ares Prime

By Thane Carios

(Ares Prime) An unannounced and unprecedented meeting of the Imperial Triune began today on Ares Prime, hosted by Emperor Venticus, with Consuls from Martius and Cinatus in attendance and Emperors Septus and Cineon attending by holoconference.

Ares Prime - Curia Plaza

The Curia Complex in Trivera, Ares Prime

The meeting is being held at The Curia complex in Trivera and includes many ranking members of the Ministries of all three Imperial States.  It is unknown whether Emperor Venticus is attending in-person or by holoconference from his palace.  Although there has been no official announcement or statement, sources within the Ares Prime ministries have confirmed the meeting.

While some have publicly worried that the secretive meeting could be a prelude to Octavius expansionism, sources within Octavius have insisted that the main topics of the historic meeting are economy and defense against the Conflux.

Enkido Kahn DSS to be Returned to Octavius

by Kedra Brenari

(Cina, Cinatus) Consul Nestro Zagabi announced today that the DSS that was recently found in Amananth space (The Split), and had its data recovered and decrypted by Quantar pilots, will be returned to Cinatus – the birthplace of the Octavius hero Enkido Kahn.

“This DSS is an Imperial treasure,” said Zagabi.  “It contained the log entry from one of our great modern heroes, just weeks before one of his greatest accomplishments.  We are arranging to have the DSS delivered to Emperor Cineon this Saturday (116.3.19).  The Emperor will be personally receiving the DSS and speaking to the pilots who discovered it and recovered its precious message.”

“Emperor Cineon has also made the unprecedented decision to immediately present the Emperor’s Emissary award (which is usually only presented during the Feast of the Fallen holiday) to pilots Hammer-BS and Jalil – both for making this unparalleled find, and for being so accommodating and generous in returning it to us.  We welcome anyone who would like to join in Outpost Station sector us in celebrating this great find, and in honoring these two pilots who have made this all possible.”

Emperor Cineon is expected to be arriving at Outpost station around 16:00 UTC  with the transfer of the artifact shortly afterwards.  The presentation of the Emperor’s Emissary awards will take place outside Outpost Station after the DSS has been transferred and the Emperor has had a chance to speak privately with Hammer-BS and Jalil.

SOL NAVY Assassination Attempt

by Fence

(Octavius Core) This first picture says it all:


While we are still trying to uncover details of the situation, there was definitely a coordinated attempt on the life of Emperor Clements IV earlier today. As yet, there is no official word from Ares Prime, but persons on the scene reported that the pod retrieval sequence at Oct Core station was not of the typical variety that the station sees on a daily basis.

In the minutes leading up to the planned opening speech for the Recitation of Heroes (part of this year’s Feast of the Fallen which was hosted by Clements) it was noted that nearly all of Oct space’s beacons were tuned blue.


When the Emperor flew up to Oct Core from Ares Prime unescorted, he was immediately attacked by Solrain Military members Mendax and polytope of squad SOL NAVY. Though he evaded for a few minutes, no one loyal to Octavius was present to assist him. The lack of Octavian support certainly seemed curious, as did the Emperor’s instance in approaching the unfriendly scene outside Oct Core.

Another member of SOL NAVY, pilot entrope claimed on f5:chat that it was indeed a bona fide assassination attempt.


Emperor Cineon of Cinatus, last year’s event host, was quick to condemn the attack and promised a diplomatic outreach to the STCC.


The Solrain Military system immediately slapped polytope with demerits per the standing TRI/Factional Military rules of engagement of civilians by MT tagged craft, and the Octavian Faction reduced both pilots Oct PR to -125, thus forcibly changing their ship registry to Pirate.


Note that the squad SOL NAVY is fairly new to TRI space, and is not related to traditional Solrain factionalists -Sol- Navy, founded by Pyldrvr.


Clements IV Shot Down at Recitation of Heroes Ceremony

UUNN Newswire

(Octavius Core) The Phoenix fighter of Clements IV, one of the Octavius Imperial Triune, was shot down today as he prepared to begin the annual Recitation of Heroes.  Before the ceremony even began, the Emperor was attacked by Solrain pilots Mendax and polytope of squad SOL NAVY.  Mk.II Defense Droids were dispatched from Octavius Core Station, but not soon enough to prevent Clements’ ship from being destroyed.

While Emperor Cineon made a brief statement decrying the attack, there has been no official word from Octavius regarding the political situation or the condition of Emperor Clements IV.

The STCC declined to make a statement until more facts could be gathered.