First Tahir Assassinated on Quantar Core

From the TRINN Archives
by Thane Carios

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – Queliar Neamru, who has been Quantar’s First Tahir for more than ten years, was assassinated this morning, 111.1.14, at 07:22 Ekoos Time (12:22 GMT), coming out of the Tahirs’ private chapel on Quantar Core station.

It is believed the assassin, a sniper, fired a single lethal shot from the mezzanine area that overlooks the chapel. Despite there being over seventy people in the area when the shot rang out, no witnesses have come forward claiming to have seen the sniper. Although no one was apprehended at the scene, a weapon was recovered. Quantar Security has released no details about the weapon or any leads it may have at this time.

Quantar Vazir, Esteb Jarwahaal, released the following statement:

“Our First Tahir was assassinated this morning in a cowardly act of terrorism. Our people are in mourning for this man who has successfully led us for many years, and whose life was the epitome of the Quantar way. Our sympathy goes out to his wife and family. Quantar has lost a great leader and a great man. While the killer has not yet been captured, there are certain clear suspects. As is our custom, the Second Tahir will move up to the First position, the Third to the Second and a new Third Tahir will be chosen by the People. I will be filling that position on an interim basis until a vote can be arranged.”

Queliar Neamru had been at the center of controversy on several fronts lately – at first with Rohi bin Hamalzahd, the former High Defender of the Faith, and more recently with members of the squad QSSP who have repeatedly accused Neamru and the entire Fa’hil Memta of corruption and poor governance.


Hyperial Leadership Speaks Out After Year of Silence

by Thane Carios
TRINN Archives

Hyperial (TRI-FP) — TRINN has received a recording of a Press Statement where Dr. (Viggo) Ragne, Special Representative of the Office of the President, said the following:

“Our beloved Hypsos still resides in a state of official mourning following the loss of President Kelvin Rauder nearly year ago. (109.11.05)

“Our peoples have endured many hardships in the intervening dark period as we have all learned to accept and come to terms with the true details of the tragic accident that took the lives of Dr. Rauder, his staff and the Senior Leadership of the General Commission.

“It is only now, as the period of official mourning draws to an end that our political offices feel it appropriate to address those who reside beyond our borders once again.

“And our address is this:

“The peoples of Hypsos and Hyperial station possess no prior knowledge of the attack within Quantars Tripoint Sector. We must also respond, at last to the distasteful claims of annexation proffered by Quantar’s Rohi Bin Hamalzahd shortly after our unifying loss last year. Needless to say such vapid claims, typifying the rash and impetuous nature of Rohi have been unilaterally rejected.

“Our great government retains is rightful position to hold claim and ownership of our territories and to govern them from our offices in Hyperial Station until such a time as we might do so more.. directly.”

This is the first official communication from Hyperial since President Rauder was assasinated eleven months ago.  It leaves some important questions unanswered – notably, any evidence of who was responsible for the assasination, and any indication of Hyperial’s stance on Amber Flame’s attacks on Quantar.

Find of a lifetime…again?

by Fence/BROKER/Ally

This breaking story just in:
A pilot wishing to remain anonymous claims to have evidence of another Pre-Collapse cryogenic sleeping chamber broadcasting a weak locator signal on the same frequency as the cryosleep pod found during the Second GVB War some 22 years ago. As is commonly known, the Solrain factionalist squad Solidarity was founded earlier this year around a small group of Pre-Collapse citizens of the planet Solrain (lost some 2000 years ago in the Great Collapse) who have no memory prior to their modern awakening 4 years ago. Historian ZeroZ95 of Solidarity who helped locate the first group of PC survivors has independently confirmed (under contract from squad BROKER) that there is a strong probability the signal is genuine. He said, “Of course, I can’t be completely sure unless you give me access to the entire MicroBurst, but the frequency is a match and the message header looks authentic as well. A lot of information about the first cryosleep pod was never made public. So if this turns out to be a fake, it is a very good one, created by very well connected individuals.”

If the second cryopod is genuine and another group of PC humans can be revived with their memories intact, the impact to modern culture could be immeasurable. If a single faction/group could gain unilateral access to such a resource, it would easily gain an astounding advantage over its rivals, perhaps even enough of an advantage to spark an all out war the likes of which have not been seen since the Second GVB War. Combine this potentiality with the recent meteoric rise of the factional militaries power/influence and the demise of the traditional TRI sponsored “Honor Guard” program formerly headed up by legendary strategist Tache Uzelin. TRI could be facing the greatest conflict of our time.

Of course, if this new cryopod is not located, or is destroyed, or contains more memory-wiped humans, then the value of such a find is dubious to anyone other than the archeological/academic community. But even a slim chance of aquiring such an edge is a gamble that many are willing to take, or so believes the pilot owning the information about the locator signal. He is willing to sell his information to any and every pilot for 10 million credits per pilot. To protect himself and his dirtside family, he has contracted with squad BROKER for its well known privacy protection program (in the interest of full disclosure, UUNN is also operated by squad BROKER). Any individual pilot wishing to receive further information about how/where/when to begin the search for the Pre-Collapse cryopod, please PM Fence on the JOSSH forums for instructions. The search for the second cryopod will begin this Friday.


STCC Taps Pre-Collapse Leader To Help Find Solrain

TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – STCC Minister of Trade Ferrix Charyb announced this morning that Solidarity squad leader Drayvn has been appointed as Project Director for the STCC’s search for the planet Solrain.

“We are very pleased to have Drayvn onboard,” stated Charyb. “The return to more honorable ways that Solidarity has shown over the past weeks is a credit not only to their dedicated team, but also to their leader. As such, this makes Drayvn the ideal choice to act on behalf of the STCC, as we search for our lost planet.”

“Thank you for the appointment as Project Director for the location of our lost homeworld Solrain,” commented Drayvn. “I am honored to head this project and with the assistance of my squad, Solidarity, we will do what it takes to get it done. We are also inviting any Solrain pilots interested in helping to join us in the search. I’d like to thank the STCC for making this possible and maybe, just maybe we’ll find our lost home planet.”

Drayvn’s first task will be to define the working parameters of a widespread
search of Solrain systems, looking for pre-collapse datadisks.

STCC Confirms Existence Of Pre-Collapse Citizens

TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – In a statement released to TRINN this morning, the STCC has confirmed the bizarre story of pilot Drayvn and his friend Kyn Nei, who was murdered late last week.

“The STCC has been working closely*with the survivors to help them integrate into modern society, and we were shocked and outraged to hear of Kyn Nei’s murder,” stated Minister of Citizenry Aljia Keval. “These people have gone through enough pain and suffering, between their original diseases, and the failed attempts to destroy their cryosleep chamber.”

The Fa’hil Memta has also responded with a brief statement.

“The balance of power between the three factions maintains the relative peace for all citizens,” stated Tahir Queliar Neamru. “The Fa’hil Memta can not, and will not allow one faction to gain a significant technological advantage over the other two. The potential knowledge available to Solrain from these pre collapse survivors threatened that balance,
and so, with the help of the Octavian Empire, direct action against the cryosleep chamber was authorized. However, if the amnesia suffered by the survivors is indeed genuine, then we see no need to take further direct action in this matter.”

The story reported by ZeroZ95 was confirmed by Hyperial.

“Although records are sketchy, the timeline outlined by historian ZeroZ95 is correct,” commented Station Governor Graham Talut.  “While Hyperial regrets losing track of the survivors in the chaos following the wars, as soon as practical we worked closely with Samsun’s fledgling biochemical facilities to identify a cure, and arrange repatriation to

“The actions of the Fa’hil Memta and their Octavian lackeys do not
surprise us. The loss of life, both from the original attack, and this recent
murder of Kyn Nei by rabid terrorists, is typical of the extremist tactics
employed by both Quantar and Octavian fanatics.

“Perhaps this episode may convince some TRI pilots that Hyperial is not
the enemy. For that role, they should look closer to home.”

TRINN was unable to extract a formal statement from anyone within the
Octavian government.

TRI To Downsize, Cede Control To Factions

From the TRINN archives

By Rafel Solamis
TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – In a surprise statement from the TRI
Executive Council, TRI will be downsizing its operations, and ceding more
control over to the factional governments.

“As part of a multi pronged approach to more closely align TRI with
the needs of its pilots, we are taking several immediate steps to grant more
control over day to day operations to local and factional governments, who are
better suited to serve their pilots.”
The initiative includes the following key actions:
*- Effective immediately, ownership of all TRI owned buildings in
Solrain, Quantar and Octavian space is transferred to their respective factional
*- TRI Research is being significantly scaled back, with Conflux Studies
being totally shutdown, while Material Sciences’ budget is being slashed by 90%.
Conflux Studies and Material Sciences activities will be outsourced to factional
agencies, and/or private enterprise, with TRI Research providing coordination
and oversight only.
*- TRI Bureau of Stellar Cartography has also received a massive budget
decrease, and like TRI-R, is having its mandate changed to move towards
coordination and oversight of factional agencies.
*- TRI-RMD is receiving a significant budget increase.
*- TRI Economics Office is receiving a slight budget increase, to allow
it to better monitor economic conditions.

GateKey Production To Be Scrapped

From the TRINN archives

By Zoe Vexel
Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – TRI announced in a press release today that a formal request had been sent to Amananth to cease production of GateKey MODx for TRI ships.
GateKeys are required to pass the specially-tuned gates leading into Conflux space. Per the release, TRIR-CSD will be simultaneously decommissioning the generators that prevent normal jump access.

“The GateKeys have been a drain on resources,” commented Spiro Wengat, an aide to Sagrith Hubri. “It’s high time the CPUs and other valuable components used to produce them were diverted to more important needs. The defensive merit of the existing system has been limited.”

Dr. Aulus Calatorius, representing the Division of Conflux Science and Defense, was less reserved in his comments. “The TRI GateKey project was a poorly-considered travesty,” Calatorius remarked. “The frequency shifts on the transfer gates never have done a [deleted] thing to keep Conflux swarms out of our space. TRI’s distortion wave generators should have been removed long ago, so that our forces could take the fight to the Conflux unhindered.”

No representatives of TRI-R CSD were available for comment, although pilots are advised to return surplus GateKeys to stations for recycling.