Octavius Challenges TRI

From the TRINN Archives

By Rafel Solamis


(Octavius Core) In a joint press conference, Octavius Emperors Clements IV, Septus, and Cineon announced a drastic departure from the status quo both within the Empire of Octavia, and within TRI itself.

“Given the actions, or inactions, of TRI and its bureaucracy, the Empire of Octavius faces a great threat from the Conflux. For years, TRI has told us that we have nothing to fear, that they are in control of the situation. Then the conflux attack our stations and they present station-shielding technology as a solution. While the Solrain and Quantar governments may have no quarrel with TRI, and their near endless controls and monitors inherent to the shield design, supposedly for monitoring of the conflux, we have great issue with this oversight. We are an autonomous Empire willing to work with TRI for the betterment of our Faction, and of TRI. We cannot continue to offer our support, be it political, financial, or moral, to a bloated and inefficient beast.

Emperor Septus, Emperor Cineon, and myself have signed an official decree that will create within the Ministry of War the Division of Conflux Science and Defense. Our staff, and personnel within the Ministry of War are commissioned to immediately begin action to find a suitable candidate to head this new department. We will do what TRI has been unable to accomplish. We will study the conflux, we will learn their intent, we will learn their habits, and we will destroy them. The time for bureaucracy is at an end.”

The Emperors took no questions after reading their statement. There has been no immediate response from TRI officials.


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