Subspace Transceiver Checks Out

TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ)  Last week, the Subspace Transceiver was subject to a bizarre attack. A C-0S Jelly appeared to attach itself to the Subspace Transceiver in Octavian Shore and was able to transmit a message over the KTRI frequency. “This is a very troubling development,” said Dr. Calatorius of TRI-CSD. “The Conflux have never displayed this level of understanding of our systems and operations before. This could serve as a dangerous precedent in which we have seriously underestimated their ability to infiltrate our systems.”

Noelle Escoe, Assistant Director of Computer Information Science Division offered the following statement:

“We sent out a TRI-Defense inspection team to the Subspace Transceiver in Octavian Shore to see if there was any system damage. Based on our scans and inspection, the Subspace Transceiver has not been damaged or compromised. It appears that the Conflux simply hacked the system to insert their message into the network. We have found no traces of any residual code. As a precaution, we have reformatted our systems, and run full internal network checks to ensure complete system integrity. After a full reset of Transceiver systems, we have seen no anomalous readings. It is our opinion that this was a psychological attack against the pilots rather than an attempt to damage our communication systems.

We would also like to offer our most sincere appreciation to pilot shanieth, for providing cover for our inspection craft. We have forwarded to TRI-RMD a request to award Keval’s Thanks for this admirable service.”


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