Plot to Disrupt Funeral Ceremony Foiled

by Yaz Shandar

(Tripoint Station)  TRI-SEC successfully foined a plot to disrupt a funeral ceremony for Ja’lil Aq’tamm today.

“We had strong suspicion that something like this would happen,” said Solder Ronin, head of TRI-Security. “Pilot GRN2 launch was pertty clear with his intent on station channels.  So we have TRI-SEC-2 positioned outside the station and launched the decoy.  GRN2 took the bait and TRI-SEC-2 took him down.  It was an easy operation.” Continue reading

Explosions and Confusion Lead to Escape from Octavius Core

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ) The recently-detained “Gent clones” escaped while being escorted by a TRI-SEC team under contract with Governor Carto.  The team was escorting the detainees from the hangar deck on Octavius Core to an off-station Inquisition facility when,

oct core hangar deck

Octavius Core, main hangar deck

according to witnesses, there were multiple explosions on the hangar deck. When the thick smoke cleared and order was restored Gent, -Gent- and _Gent_ had disappeared.  Their ships, which had been disarmed and disabled, were somehow launched.  It is unknown whether they were also rearmed.

“This was a well-coordinated plan,” said Solder Ronin, Commandant of TRI Security.  “We had those ships disabled and locked down so there was inside help.  We’ll be reviewing hangar logs and surveillance to determine how this happened.”

In order to better track the fugitives, TRI-SEC has arranged with Solrain and Quantar for minimal bounties to be assigned. Continue reading

Prosthetics Smuggler Dies Avoiding Capture

UUNN Newswire

A smuggler flying a modified Phaeton fast-transport died today while being pursued by TRI Security  (TRI-SEC) forces.  TRI-SEC had scanned him and found him to be carrying two units of illegal Prosthetics.  The chase continued through Dark Gateway, Primus Point, Arkans Cloud, The Outer Edge and The Outer Rim.

The smuggler’s ship hit a petal while exiting the Outer Rim gate towards The Rim.  For some reason — perhaps because of the ship’s illegal ship modifications — the LifePod(tm) did not separate and the pilot was killed.  The Solrain smuggler used the callsign Orico, though it is believed that this was a stolen transponder.

“Prosthetics activity seems to be on the rise again — especially out of Lothars,” said Solder Ronin, Commandant of TRI-SEC.  “Prices have skyrocketed and these smugglers are willing to take big risks for big profits.  But it won’t be worth it.  We will catch them.”

TRI Offers Reward for Missing Transport

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  TRI Corporation announced today that it will offer a 3 million credit reward for the location of the missing transport ship (TRI-TRAN-1) with its cargo intact.

“We realize now that we need more help with this,” said Solder Ronin, Commandant of TRI-TRAN-1TRI Security.  “Our searches have turned up nothing.  As far as we can determine the ship should be somewhere between Inner Gyre and Light Lost — so that’s a lot of space to cover.

“The big concern is that shield and armor storms that frequent this area will destroy the ship before we can get to it, so time is critical.”

Ronin said that the ship is a standard remote-piloted Solrain tow with 500u of cargo.  He indicated that if the cargo was not intact, TRI Corp will pay a reward equal to 10% of the value of the remaining cargo.  If the ship is empty, it will pay 250,000 credits.

If you locate the ship, contact TRI-SEC immediately at

TRI-SEC Releases Statement on Prosthetics Smuggler

UUNN Newswire

(Solrain Core) TRI-SEC today released a statement from Commandant Solder Ronin on the recent apprehension of a Prosthetics smuggler:

On 118.3.23, a TRI Security officer on regular patrol stopped an scanned a pilot in Zealot’s Refuge.  The pilot, Garrod Kelton, was found to be carrying 30 units of Prosthetics.  He was immediately detained and his ship impounded.

During questioning, Mr. Kelton indicated that he had been contracted anonymously to move the Prosthetics from Klatsches Hold to Lothars Landing in exchange for for 11 units of platinum (about 500,000 credits).  He claims to have picked up the cargo from a storage container on Klatches Hold and did not know who would be receiving the contraband at Lothars.  He did indicated that when initially contracted, he was told that the significant proceeds of the transaction would be used to help fund the Rismore campaign in Hyperial, but we have been unable to ascertain any concrete ties to Mr. Rismore or anyone else in his campaign organization.

Mr. Kelton is a citizen of Solrain and is being turned over to the STCC for appropriate prosecution.  If we receive any other pertinent details that can be released under Solrain law, we will make them public.

We will continue out vigilant patrols in an attempt to disrupt all Prosthetics trade and request the cooperation of all law-abiding pilots.

TRI Unveils System Enhancements For New Pilots

From TRINN Archives
By Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – As part of its continuing improvement program, TRI’s Novice Pilot Affairs section has released several key programs to assist new recruits build a solid foundation for future advancement.

“We are pleased to not only offer our new recruits better financial incentives, ” stated Solder Ronin, sectional leader for Novice Pilot Affairs, “but, in conjunction with TRI-Research, we are pleased to announce various enhancements to the shuttle class ships, to better assist new recruits.

“Other system improvements include a new broadcast channel – TIPS – which offers good advice to our newer recruits, as well as a new flight registry, aimed offering our newer pilots protection from pirates and other miscreants.

“These new systems are available to pilots until they reach sufficient rank to fly their factional light fighters.”

Conflux Influx

From the TRINN Archives
by Demosthenes

ALL KNOWN SECTORS – Reports coming in from all sectors reveal a broad pattern of heightened Conflux activity. Routine questioning of veteran pilots presently reveals that the answer to “where are the Conflux showing up?” is “everywhere.” Once-safe sectors are frequently threatened by flight groups of three Conflux at a time, and more dangerous Conflux are now regularly spotted on major trade routes. A veteran Solrain pilot returning from extended leave commented, “Since when are there snails in Inner Lighthouse? I used to use afterburners just to get through a patrol more quickly, but now it’s a matter of pure survival.”

While most veteran pilots have accustomed themselves admirably to these circumstances, TRI is divided in its reaction. The Office of Pilot Affairs has opened veritable floodgates to admit new applicants to the pilot corps. This has raised mild concern in the Office of Novice Pilot Affairs. “The new recruits are typically in inferior equipment, and often have little to no opportunity for combat training before hitting the flight line,” asserted section leader Solder Ronin, “They get my standard briefings and little else. Coordinated support from veteran pilots will be needed to prevent a slaughter.”