Prosthetics Smuggler Apprehended

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Wake Station) A smuggler flying a Phaeton was apprehended yesterday in Bronci Rift by TRI Security for allegedly having Prosthetics in-hold, a commodity that hasProsthetics been outlawed for many years.  The pilot’s name has not been release pilot pending an official arraignment.

There has, as yet, been no speculation regarding the smuggler’s planned destination or destinations.

After years of lobbying and protests — primarily by Quantar — Prosthetics exports from Hyperial were outlawed by TRI after evidence was unearthed that the Prosthetics included organic tissue of questionable origin.  Hyperial was thought to have stopped all Prosthetics production in 107.


Hyperial Antiflux Supplies Disappear

UUNN Newswire

(Hyperial) Hyperial authorities reported that the small supply of rare Antiflux ECMs antifluxthey had provided at Hyperial Station were taken on 117.11.1.  The news triggered a pricing panic with very few Antiflux left.  Prices were nearing 500,000 credits by the end of the day.

TRI-SEC indicated that they had an idea who had purchased the Antiflux, and that they planned on questioning the pilot.  “We have the purchase data from Hyperial and are going to be talking to the pilot — primarily for his own safety,” said TRI officer Layton ‘Scorch’ Morrison.”  Technically, nothing illegal has happened since the Antiflux were purchased at the market price.   But pilots tend to react rather emotionally when it comes to hoarding of rare goods.  This guy needs to understand what he’s setting himself up for.”

TRI Security Releases Statement

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  TRI Security has released the following statement regarding this morning’s hack of TRI Databank.

We have determined that the hacking of TRI Databank this morning was a very minor security breach impacting only the home page for the databank system.  No other data was corrupted and we have found no evidence that any critical systems have been touched.

Explosions Damage Amananth Station and Production Facilities

by Thane Carios

(Amananth) A series of powerful explosions today damaged sections of Amananth station, as well as the Antiflux Custom Producer and the RB-4 Science Factory.

According to TRI-SEC, the station appears to be functional, but they have had no success in communicating with the station AI either via remote or hardlink.  The same cannot be said for the two separate production facilities.

“The RB-4 factory is very badly damaged,” said TRI-SEC Officer Thadeus “Ace” Adder.  “It’s structural integrity is at 20% and I’m not sure whether it can even be repaired — it antiflux-cp-damagelooks pretty bad.

“The curious one,” continued Adder, “is the Antiflux CP.  It shows some fairly significant external damage, and there’s no entry port, but my scans continue to report ‘no damage.’  I’ve tried several times — even docked and had my entire ship’s system rebooted.”

There is currently no evidence as to what caused the explosions at this time, but the unofficial theory is a Conflux attack, since they have attacked both Amananth station and the orbital facilities before.

Emperor Calls on Octavius Pilots to Commemorate Holiday

by Yaz Shanndar

(Etruscera, Martius)  Emperor Septus I today called on all Octavius Pilots to commemorate the upcoming Feast of the Fallen holiday (116.5.27 through 116.5.29) with the “Bleeding Skies” tradition:

“Although We have chosen to base our holiday celebrations on Martius this year, We do not forget the pilots of Octavius who defend our borders and keep our economy strong.  I call on all our pilots to participate in the one tradition that we cannot duplicate on-planet – The Bleeding Skies.  So to honor our Fallen; mount your BCUs and make space RED – not just in Octavius sectors, but everywhere!  Show your pride in being from Octavius.  And if someone challenges your actions … well you are from Octavius.  You will know what to do.”

TRI-SEC has asked us to remind pilots that tuning beacons in another faction’s space (Quantar and Solrain) will make you subject to attack from pilots of that faction until you leave that faction’s space.

Pilot Alleges TRI Enforcer Attack

by Thane Carios

(TRI HQ) TRI Corporation announced today that it has received a report that a pilot had been attacked by a TRI Enforcer around midnight GMT on 116.2.9.

TRI EnforcerA statement was taken today by TRI-SEC from pilot Spitmcgee, who had made public claims of being attacked by a TRI Enforcer-class ship.

“Spitmcgee was very cooperative,” said TRI-SEC Commandant, Solder Ronin.  “He met with one of our officers on Great Pillars station and was very forthcoming in answering all of our questions.

“But the fact remains that we had no TRI-SEC ships in-flight at or near the time of the alleged attack.  We have just two Enforcers in out fleet, so it’s not very hard to account for them — and rather obvious if one is missing.”