TRI-IND to Mothball “O” Gates

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(Solrain Core Station) TRI Corporation, Industrial & Business Services (TRI-IND), Sector Assets Division announced today that it plans on “mothballing” a number of gates throughout space.  “This is a cost-cutting move,” said Tristan Kamihira, Director of Sector Assets for TRI-IND.  “With the current number of pilots on duty these days launch fees and insurance fees have plummeted.  We just can’t afford to keep all of these gates maintained for so few people.”

According to A. Trottel, a TRI Sector Assets Engineer, a careful traffic study was done and the decision to shut down all gates for sectors beginning with an “O” was actually was not arbitrary, but rather it was arrived upon scientifically.  “It just worked out that way,” she added. Continue reading

TRI Reports Ship Missing

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(UUNN HQ)  TRI Corporation reported this morning that one of its unmanned cargo tows has stopped responding to remote commands and all telemetry has been lost.

The ship launched from Klatsches Hold at approximate 08:00 UTC and was en route to GBS Station with what is rumoured to be extremely valuable cargo.  The last telemetry was received at approximately 08:23 UTC from Zealots Refuge.  TRI Corp requests that any sightings be reported to, but pilots have already begun to form search parties since disabled ships — in unregulated space, with no living crew — are considered legal salvage.

Launch Systems Malfunction

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(UUNN HQ) TRI Corporation has released the following statement:




All station launch systems are non-operational at this time.  Pods have been successfully recovered from all ships that were in-flight at the time of the system failure and there has been no loss of life.  Director Yelda Mossad and her Station Systems & Maintenance engineers are working to resolve this situation and hope to have things operational within 18 to 24 hours.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Polls Open for Amanra Speaker Election

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sol(UUNN HQ)  The polls are now open for Citizens of Solrain to elect a new Speaker for the planet Amanra.

election 120

The incumbent, Lylian Whyte, was an upset winner when she defeated five-term Speaker Cassia Verhall in a run-off.  She now faces challengers Sagrith Hubri, TRI Corp Director of Manufacturing, Mercantile & Economics; and Vivian Duvazaco who has held a number of senior leadership roles at Tens & Piney and is currently T&P’s Alignment-Leveraging Strategy Czar. Both experienced, well-known corporate power-brokers.

Only citizens of Solrain may vote and you may vote just once.  Polls close at the end of the day on 120.7.5.

GVB Gate Declared “Unstable”

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(Klatsches Hold)  TRI Corporation has declared the Great Venure Belt (GVB)/Hyperion Gate jumpgate to be unstable and has warned all pilots to avoid using it until further notice.

GVB“We were alerted to this situation by pilot Barcala,” said senior gate engineer A. Lettort.”He jumped the GVB/Hyperion Gate but ended up at the Outer Storm anomaly with an eel bearing down on him.  Fortunately his LifePod(tm) didn’t malfunction after the misdirected jump.”

Lettort also said that pilots should stay at least 4.1k away from the GVB/Hyperion Gate  jumpgate to avoid its expanding gravity well.  “These gates are getting old and infestations really take a toll on them.  I’m surprised this kind of thing hasn’t happened sooner,” she said.

Lexxor Releases Drone Photos

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(UUNN HQ)  Today, Lexxor Intelligence released a series of photos taken by a drone packed with one of its specially-modified Maul missiles.

In addition to the dramatic photos, Lexxor said it has also received other sensor telemetry, which it is sharing with TRI Corporation for analysis.

Lexxor’s specially-modified Maul missiles were used by pilots GrimJack and Kanthakeh to take down the final Conflux Infestation on the Quantar Gate/Inner Storm jumpgate on 120.2.21.

Pilots Get to Recognize Their Peers Again with the Pilots Choice Awards

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PCA 117

Voting has opened today for the 119 Pilots’ Choice Awards.  Medals for Combat, Mining, Conflux Hunting, Economy Support and Leadership will be awarded to pilots receiving the most votes — though there is a seven-vote minimum to qualify for an award.  A Pilots’ Choice Award can be given to ANY registered pilot and any pilot can vote — but just once.

ALL PILOTS are encouraged to participate by voting HERE

If there are qualifiers for the medals, they will be awarded on 119.12.1.

Corridor Audit Results Released

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TRI-Corporation has released the results of its audit of all activity on Corridor Station on 119.10.5:

TRI Corporation’s Security (TRI-SEC) and Station Ops (TRI-SSM) divisions completed their investigations into the RF Transceiver production issue.  We have determined that the Faction Mission did, indeed, result in the delivery of the commodities required to produce RFTs.  We have also determined that RFT manufacturing did take place.  The reason why the Faction Mission did not appear to successfully result in RFT manufacture is that the items manufactured appeared to be immediately purchased, and therefore did not appear on Market Tracking systems.

The remaining question revolves around the purchaser.  Systems show the purchasing ship as an Octavius tow with the transponder XTR-v1059.  That transponder was registered to a ship destroyed in one of the very early conflux attack in 100.6 AT.

We are continuing our investigation, focusing on possible system-tampering, and remain confident that we will identify the true purchaser.


TRI May be Concerned about Pulsar Gate

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(UUNN HQ)  At a recent trade conference, Sagrith Hubri was overheard saying that he pulsar gate infestwas concerned that the long-standing infestation may be inflicting permanent damage to the gate from Pulsar sector to Pulsar Gate sector.  Hubri is the Director of Sector Assets for TRI Industrial & Business Services (TRI-IND), which is responsible for maintenance of gates, beacons, subspace transceivers and other non-station infrastructure.

TRI Corporation has not responded to our requests for a comment.

Dorator Announces Production Plans

by Yaz Shanndar

(Octavius Outpost)  Dorator Technologies R&D has announced its new manufacturing and distribution strategy in the wake of the recent acquisition the manufacturing rights Dorator Logofor several pieces of TRI Corp equipment.

“We have decided to focus most of our production and distribution from two locations,” said Malkev Dorator II,  Sr. Vice President of Operations.  “We will be focusing our weapons production at Octavius Outpost station.  It will be the sole manufacturing outlet now for the Barrak, Cobra and the Flail.  The only exception will be the Hammer, which will continue to be manufactured in Solrain at Wake station.”

“Regarding the new acquisitions,” said Dorator, “the Nightwatchman radar, TRIC-1 Capacitor, TRIP-1 power plant, Vector engine and Warden shield will now be manufactured exclusively at our Hyperial Manufacturing facility.”

“We are also very excited to announce that we will be testing the first non-faction manufacturing operation at Klatsches Hold where we will be making the Drop Tank refueling system.”

According to Dorator, the Drop Tank test facility is now operational.  Other manufacturing changes should be moving forward over the next two weeks.