Octavius Wraps Up Uneventful Holiday

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(Outpost Station)  The festivities are over, most of the celebrants have regained sobriety, the maintenance crews have finished putting Outpost Station back in order and through it all there was little news, issues or fanfare about the latest Feast of the Fallen 117 holiday.

This years highlight was Emperor Cineon’s appearance in Outpost sector to do the Recitation of Heroes.  Although it would not seem notable, Cineon’s Recitation was interrupted by a Sentient Conflux attack in 114 and Clements IV was assassinated as he was beginning his recitation in 115. Last year Emperor Septus decided that the better part of valor was discretion, and did his Recitation from the Palace Grounds on Martius. Continue reading

Octavius Prepares for a Holiday

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(Cinatus) Octavius Outpost station will be the center of this year’s Feast of the Fallen holiday, which runs from 117.5.26 through 117.5.28 with Emperor Cineon I presiding over the annual three-day celebration.  Cineon last presided over the holiday in 114.  Just a year later, the holiday was devastated by the assassination of Clements IV as he began the Recitation of Heroes.  Last year’s event, led by Emperor Atticus Septus, was somewhat muted with most of the official festivities dirtside on Martius.

Although this year’s space-based activities will continue to be fairly limited, Cineon has insisted on holding  the Recitation of Heroes out in space once again.

Day of Remembering – 117.5.26

At 18:00 UTC Emperor Cineon will lead the Recitation of Heroes, where the name of an Octavius warrior or hero from the past is called out aloud and the hero’s accomplishments and victories are recalled. Cineon has asked the citizens of Octavius to submit their own remembrances for him to read publicly.

Day of Battle – 117.5.27

“The Bleeding Skies” — All Octavius is called upon to tune beacons RED across Octavius — and throughout all space — for the entire day.

Members of the lesser factions are welcome to challenge those actions.

Day of Feasting – 117.5.28

All are urged to enjoy to good company of family and friends to celebrate Heroes past, present, and future.

Emperor Looks for Citizen Participation in Recitation of Heroes

by Yaz Shanndar

(Outpost Station)  Emperor Cineon today asked for more citizen participation in the official Recitation of Heroes ceremony to be held on 117.5.26.  The Recitation of Heroes is that is the highlight of the first day of the Octavius Feast of the Fallen holidays, where the names of former “heroes” of Octavius are called out publicly, sometimes with a brief remembrance.

“Some of these heroes passed to the Halls long ago,” said Governor Zenobia Zavera, who will help host this year’s holiday.  “Others are retired, and other are long lost – but we still hope for their return,” she added. Continue reading

Fifth Anniversary of The Catastrophe

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This Sunday, 117.4.30, is the fifth anniversary of The Catastrophe when an energy pulse — hypothesized to be dark-matter lensing — swepth through space, shutting down critical systems and severely damaging all of the jumpgates.

As with every year, this anniversary overlaps with the Solrain Alkotó/Founder’s Day holiday although Solrain has planned no space-based celebrations this year.

TRI Trivia Contest Questions

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The following are the questions for the Festival! Tri-Trivia Contest:

  1. What corporation built the TRI-Enforcer advanced-technology fighters?
  2. Who theorized that the event in 112.4, now known as The Catastrophe, was caused by dark-matter lensing?
  3. What was the name of the ships introduced in 30AT that were used for exploration and anomaly analysis?
  4. What is the tax reduction you get when your Political Rating with a faction is +125?
  5. What is the full name of the main character in the classic (Jumpgate) short novel Betrayal?

Answers to all of these questions are available through current resource sites, so you don’t need to “know” the answers — just find them.

Answers must be submitted to jgnewsnet@gmail.com by midnight (UTC) on Saturday 116.11.26.  Winners will be announced on Sunday.

Festival! 116 Schedule Released

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The multi-factional Festival! committee has released a schedule for this year’s space-based events.  Festival! begins on Thursday 116.11.24 and officially continues until midnight on Sunday 116.11.27.  There are numerous events with many awards and prizes up for grabs.

This schedule  outlines the “official” space-based events planned, but there could be additional pilot-sponsored events going on, as well many celebrations on-stations and on-planets.


Storyteller Contest
Library Lottery
Holiday Haiku

See HERE for details

Submissions can be made to librarian@tri-subspace.net until 12 midnight UTC on Thursday 116.11.24.

THURSDAY – 116.11.24

Every party needs beer, so pilots will have a number of “beer-sharing” missions to take on. Watch the Faction Mission board on Thursday for details.

Tune and HOLD* as many beacons as you can during this period — any color … and area of space. The contest will run from Thursday at 00:01a UTC until Saturday at midnight (24:00) UTC.

First-place winner will get the Cesium Medal and an AB4; Second place, Platinum Medal and an AB3; Third place, Antimony Medal and an AB2. All others with more than 10 beacons held will receive a Captain’s Commendation.

* “Hold” means that the beacon must remain tuned (and not flipped or re-tuned by another pilot) for 25 consecutive cycles (2.5 hours), so if you want to win, you may have to drive off some competitors!

We are having some problems with capturing the beacon stats.  If you want to participate, take a SCREEN SHOT of your stat page, showing the beacons stat before you start and email it to us – jgnewsnet@gmail.com (sorry!).

FRIDAY – 116.11.25

A series of trivia questions will be release on UUNN (jgnewsnet.wordpress.com) by 10:00 UTC. Answers must be submitted to jgnewsnet@gmail.com by midnight (24:00) UTC.

The awards are as follows:
All five answers correct:   Seeker of Knowledge medal and 1 million credits
1 to 4 answers correct:       Keval’s Thanks medal and 500k credits
0 for 5:                                    Captain’s Commendation

Hunting the venomous Tasz is an ancient sport for the elite of Octavius. While our Tasz doesn’t bite, it is really fast and hard to catch. He’ll be leaving Octavius space around 15:00 and will be flying to Hyperial. He’ll have a bounty for all factions, so tuned beacons will make it easier to find him.

The pilot who successfully downs —Tasz— gets the bounty as well as one PCE-5 or two PCE-3s (your choice), PLUS the Cesium Medal. Any other pilot who lands a shot on —Tasz— will receive a Captain’s Commendation.

SATURDAY – 116.11.26

Equip a Tow and get ready to fly.  But this year, you’ll need more than just trucking skills to fulfill the mission!

The awards will be:
1st Place – Cesium Medal, Two PCE-5s and a PCP-4
2nd Place – Platinum medal and two PCE-5s
3rd Place – Antimony medal and a CM4

All other participants will receive a Captain’s Commendation.

SUNDAY – 116.11.27

Award announcements.

Times are subject to adjustment and additional events may be added, so stay tuned to UUNN for updates!

Library Will Again Sponsor Festival! Contest

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FROM:  Sarath V Memorial Library

Once again, as part of the Festival! Celebration, the Sarath V Memorial Library will be sponsoring THREE contests:

Storyteller Contest – submit your own original story about jump-space.  It can be serious or  humorous.  It can be standalone or part of a planned serial.  Submissions should be at least 4,000 words.  We’ll be reading and judging each submission and will pick one as our "The Newt"winner.  All stories will be added to the Sarath V Memorial Library’s collection, and the winner of the Storyteller Contest will receive the Newtron Literary Award (aka “The Newt”), 5 million credits and THREE entries in the Library Lottery (see below).

 Library Lottery – submit any story, guide, document, poem or comic that you may have in your possession, that we do not already have in our collection, and you’ll get an entry in our Library Lottery.  The work does not have to be authored by you, but submissions by the author will supersede submissions by another person.  Otherwise if the same item is submitted twice, the first submitter will get the lottery entry.  The winner of the lottery will receive 2 million credits and an EB-3 (engine-booster) artifact.


Holiday Haiku – write a Haiku about your Storyteller Contest or Library Lottery submission; OR your  favorite published story in the library.  Although there are technical variations of what constitutes Haiku, we are going with the simple version:  three lines with five, seven and five syllables respectively.  A title for your haiku is optional.  Each entrant will receive 500,000 credits, a CM3 and a Captain’s Commendation badge.

Submissions  for all contests must be received no later than 116.11.24 to be considered for an award.  They should be sent to librarian@tri-subspace.net.

Winners for all contests will be announced on the final day of Festival! – 116.11.27