E.R.I. Employee Destroys RB-2 Facility; Receives Serious Censure

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  Pilot GrimGriz of Edgar Reece Industries today attacked and destroyed the damaged RB-2 factory in Quantar Core sector with minimal resistance.

“He’s a Hyperial terrorist,” said First Tahir Pejia Neamru.  “And this attack was not on Quantar — it was on ALL of the civilized factions who need this important equipment for maintenance and repair.”

While GrimGriz took credit for destroying the facility, he did not indicate why he chose that particular target rather than something more specifically-vital to Quantar..

The Office of Solrain Premier Demeter Garreth released the following statement:


We are all saddened and angered by the acts of this troubled individual.  Not only because he is a Solrain citizen — but because we just conferred one of our high honors upon him. We are embarrassed in the extreme.  This irenegade also had the gg emailimpudence to contact our just-elected Speaker, Ms. Duvazaco, and infer her involvement.

This last act moved Mr. Grim’s behavior from being obnoxious and embarrassing — to being an affrobnt to Solrain.  Because of the seriousness of these circumstances, I am using my authority as Premier to strip pilot GrimGriz of both is Solrain political standing and his place in our Hall of Fame.

The Premier would not say whether other employees of E.R.I would be receiving any censure, but a staffer who asked not to be identified heard Garreth yelling: “Where’s Reece.  I want his ass sitting in my office tomorrow or there will be hell to pay!”

Duvazaco Scores Shocking Upset

UUNN Newswire

(Cornea Station) In the most shocking election in recent history, Vivian Duvazaco has ousted the single-term incumbent Lylian Whyte to become Speaker for Amanra garnering an amazing seventy-five percent of the vote.

Duvazaco is a Tens & Piney “lifer” most recently holding a senior  strategy position.  Whyte, on the other hand,  is a long-time STCC member and a close personal friend and ally of Premier Demeter Garreth. Her political views were extremely conservative and her fiscal positions were considered “traditional.”

Some feel that voters were making a statement that Amanra, long seen as a political “follower,” needs to take a more dynamic role in Solrain politics.

Polls Open for Amanra Speaker Election

UUNN Newswire

sol(UUNN HQ)  The polls are now open for Citizens of Solrain to elect a new Speaker for the planet Amanra.

election 120

The incumbent, Lylian Whyte, was an upset winner when she defeated five-term Speaker Cassia Verhall in a run-off.  She now faces challengers Sagrith Hubri, TRI Corp Director of Manufacturing, Mercantile & Economics; and Vivian Duvazaco who has held a number of senior leadership roles at Tens & Piney and is currently T&P’s Alignment-Leveraging Strategy Czar. Both experienced, well-known corporate power-brokers.

Only citizens of Solrain may vote and you may vote just once.  Polls close at the end of the day on 120.7.5.

Solrain Squads Implement Trade Lockdown

From the TRINN Archives
by Alexa A’vros

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – In a statement issued by -=DragonEye=- Wing Commander dahalb, a lockdown of Solrain trade is being enforced by pilots loyal to Solrain.
“Solrain Trading has been suspended until further notice. All haulers wishing to trade with Solrain must seek approval from DE Command Staff.

Due to the nature of the current economic climate, production of certain things cannot be compromised. As such any hauler caught without authorization will be dealt with harshly. We apologize for the inconvenience and trust that during this period we will have your understanding.”

“Tens & Piney is grateful to the forward thinking of the pilots who have taken this course of action,” remarked T&P’s Vivian Duvazaco. “It is exactly this type of strategic common sense that will not only ensure T&P’s victory over Cromforge and OPL, but also provide a profitable future for all of TRI.”

While we are staunch supporters of free trade we have found it necessary to levy some strategic controls on the markets within the commonwealth,” commented Osprey, -=DragonEye=- commander. “We believe this action to be in the best interest of Solrain and in turn all of TRI. We are not interested in downing innocent pilots and are very willing to work with anyone that contacts us.”

The STCC declined to comment, citing this as a ‘pilot issue’.

Investment Opportunities Offered

From the TRINN Archives
by Rafel Solamis

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – In what appears to be an attempt to recoup losses after a the recent tit for tat corporate squabbles, Tens & Piney, Cromforge Enterprises, and Octave Propulsion Labs have all offered up similar investment opportunities as part of their bids to win the exclusive manufacturing rights for the Letifer virus cure from Samsun Universal.
“Tens & Piney is pleased to offer the chance at a good investment opportunity for enterprising pilots,” stated Vivian Duvazaco. “When T&P wins the cure bid, those pilots who invested will be richly rewarded for their foresight and financial savvy as their initial investment gets doubled. In addition, T&P commits to ensuring the cure is made available as fast as possible to any government who has citizens suffering from this terrible disease.”

“Cromforge is committed to bringing this cure to the people of Perasca,” remarked Cila Rotup’uh. “It is our intention to offer this cure to the Fa’hil Memta at cost price. Cromforge is not out to make a profit, nor reverse engineer the cure into a new virus, but simply to help those who are suffering.”

“Only Octave Propulsion has the vision for this project,” commented Zru Tudezaw. “Anyone with an ounce of common sense will see that investing in the OPL bid offers an almost guaranteed chance to double their money in a very short period of time. We have a proven track record of taking the initiative, and thinking out of the box to bring products to market faster than our competitors.”

All three investments close at 23:59 ET on 105.03.17 and any pilot wishing to partake should contact the corporations directly.

Tens & Piney Recalls Engines

From TRINN Archives
By Rafel Solamis

Solrain Core (TRI-FP) – In a surprising move, Solrain manufacturer Tens & Piney has just recalled all stocks of their Travant Plus gravity driver engine.

“After performing extensive market research, Tens & Piney has decided to repackage the Travant Plus model engine,” stated Vivian Duvazaco. “While it is too early at this time to release any specific details, we believe that we can better match the Travant Plus engine to the market needs of our customers, thus creating a new paradigm in engine design that will allow the Travant Plus to create a greater level of synergy between Tens & Piney, and our customers, by providing a value proposition that clearly shows we have fully internalized their needs.”

Travant Plus production centers were at a standstill this evening, and existing inventory is being assembled for recycling.