Big Sol Holiday … Little Sol Interest

by Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core) Cleanup crews didn’t have to put in any overtime after this, most recent, Reconstruction Days holiday.  To be fair, as in recent years there has been a far smaller event lineup than there was in days past, but participation this year was minimal and

First there was the “Holiday Mission” — a mission to haul in the commidities needed to manufacture Electronics was completed in time for the end of the holiday.  The mission was completed by Quantar pilot Hammer-BS.

There was also a “Rediscovering the Past” artifact contest.  The winner once again, Quantar pilot Hammer-BS.  Here are the details:

  • First-place: Hammer_BS (91) Cesium Medal and EB-3/2/1 stack
  • Second place Aeghwhyn (46) Platinum Medal and an EB-3
  • Third place NUBERANGER (30) Antimony Medal and an EB-2

There were no other participants.

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Festival Event Results Are In

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ)  Approximately 50 pilots (including several drones) were logged-in for duty during the Festival! 119 Holiday, and for most of the events there were at least a few contestants. The organizers in TRI Corporation have already been discussing ideas on how to improve next year’s events.


Pilots Choice Awards

A number of votes came in just under the wire and the final rush resulted in Clanlord receiving the required seven votes for the Pilots Choice Award for Econ Support.medal168

Clanlord was, by far, the leading overall vote-getter with 16 votes across all categories, but only received the required minimum of seven votes in one category.  There were a total of 13 qualifying voters, casting 59 votes (not everyone voted for each category). A number of people voted without including their Pilot handle — those votes were not counted. Continue reading

Festival 118! Comes to a Close

by Yaz Shanndar

(Quantar Core) Festival 118! came to a close with some mixed reviews.  About 40 pilots were online over the four days of the holiday, but according to TRI Corporation, which sponsors the annual holiday events, pilots participation in contests and events was fairly disappointing across the board.

Conversely, there was some disappointment with TRI Corp’s event management as well.  Pilot Sinver slammed the running of Friday’s Treasure Hunt event, saying:

“I was looking forward to this all,day while at work. I’ve wasted an entire evening because quite frankly, you couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery. The clues were useless. Don’t even bother tomorrow. Just park the ship and forget about it. A great idea, really great idea terribly executed. My entire evening wasted. Thanks guys.”

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Festival! 117 Awards Announced

by Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core) Awards for the Festival! 117 have been released — with a couple that were unexpected.  “Festival! is the biggest holiday of the year,” said Garth Taren, President & CEO of TRI Corporation.  “TRI Corporation works very hard and very closely with Solrain, Quantar and Octavius to sponsor a diverse series of holiday events that are available to a broad array of pilots of all levels.  This year we had races, contests, missions, trivia — and even a Haiku-writing contest.”

Taren went on to say that the Festival! holiday provides a perfect platfor for special recognitions:  “Festival! gets everyone’s attention in a unique way because it’s roots come from ALL of the factions.  This year, we are pleased to introduce a new, very prestigious award called ‘Sarath’s Orb,’ and along with that, we are absolutely thrilled that we will be able to announce two Pilots Choice Awards because there is nothing better than being recognized by your peers.” Continue reading

Reconstruction Days Called “Disappointment”

by Yaz Shanndar

(Solrain Core)  Solrain Premier Crtistofore Parce was very blunt in his assessment of the recent Reconstruction Days holiday.  “It was a huge disappointment,” said Parce.  “I don’t know what’s going on — whether the election protests has something to do with this, or something else.  But the bottom line is we had almost no participation in our space-based public events — and dirtside it was not much better.”

“Nonetheless,” he continued, ” we do need to recognize two people for holiday awards.  Hammer-BS was the single entrant in our ‘Name the Heroes’ contest — the one to name the at least five of the Solrain members of the Thrice Seven.  In fact, Hammer-BS was able to name all seven.  Quite an accomplishment.  He will be receiving 5 million credits, a Seeker of Knowledge medal and a PCS-4 for his efforts.” Continue reading

STCC Provides Details on Name the Heroes Event

UUNN Newswire

(Cornea Station) STCC’s initial Reconstruction Days holiday schedule did not provide any details about its Name the Heroes event — simply saying that it was a “trivia-type event.”  As it turns out it is — and it’s a very fitting topic for Reconstruction Days.

Almost everyone knows the story of The Thrice Seven.  They were the seven pilots sent by each faction to test-pilot TRI’s first single-pilot jump-ships.  Many had auspicious careers before and after this test-pilot duty.  Some had tragic ends.

For 5,000,000 credits and a Seeker of Knowledge medal, name at least five of Solrain’s members of The Thrice SevenName all seven and win a PCS-4, too!

Answers should be submitted to by Saturday 117.7.8 at 24:00 UTC.

Festival! Awards List Released

UUNN Newswire

The following awards are being given for the various Festival! Events and contests:

Pure Mining Contest

1st Place/Karadron’s Spade and CM4:  Hifly (249 pures mined)

2nd Place/Keval’s Thanks and CM3:  Hammer-BS (153 pures mined)

3rd Place/Keval’s Thanks and CM2:  Sinver (121 pures mined)

Captains Commendations will also be awarded to the following pilots for their participation in this event:  Baius, Calph, Jimbo, -LoneSrk-, Ragaril, Sweithek and Veloxi.

The Great Festival! Race

1st Place/Cesium Medal & 100u of Platinum:  Filzi

2nd Place/Platinum Medal & 50u of Platinum:  Hammer-BS

3rd Place/Antimony Medal & 25u of Platinum:  Hifly

There were no other participants in this race.

 TRI Trivia Contest

Winner/Seeker of Knowledge medal – Filzi

Hammer-BS will receive a Captain’s Commendation for participating.


There were no pilots receiving the minimum-required ten votes for any of the Pilots’ Choice Awards (Combat, Mining, Leadership, Conflux Hunting and Economics) and there were no entries either for the Storyteller Contest or the Library Lottery.

Pilots Honored for Roles in Conflux Battle

UUNN Newswire

(Battle for DX RibbonUUNN HQ)  TRI Announced today that it is awarding a special ribbon for participation at The Battle for Dark Crossroads on 115.10.25.  This design of this ribbon is unique for this battle and it will never be awarded again.

Pilots receiving this special honor are: Abdul, Arkady, Baius, Clanlord, Drevent, Filzi, Hammer-BS, Hanbeesl, Hifly, JokeR_GdI, JR_OVK, Sinver, Sytax, and Transall.

In addition to receiving battle ribbons, two pilots are being recognized for their exceptional efforts.

Defender of the BarrierHifly is being awarded the Defender of the Barrier medal for his tireless work before the final battle, bombarding infestations and battle conflux sentients and drones. He also captured and submitted many of the conflux communications that were subsequently decrypted and translated by Hammer BS.

Seeker of KnowledgeHammer-BS is being awarded the Seeker of Knowledge medal for his extensive work on decrytpting and translating the Conflux messages.

Pilot Receives Message from Conflux Sentient

By Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ) According to Professor Athena ShaiDen, a pilot has reported being contacted by a Conflux sentient in Dark Crossroads sector.  The pilot, lordzuon, was investigating a Sentient marker in Dark Crossroads.  According to the report he battled conflux C7, 8, 9 and 11 – along with several C3s and a swarm of C0 “Jellyfish.”Sentient messages

“I don’t think any of the conflux I engaged were sentient. If I had to guess, I’d suggest the C8, but I doubt it,” said lordzuon — thought he reported hearing Sent “song.”   What he did see was an encoded message, which he believed he was able to decode as:

the Ascendancy of Zethryn(?) Ka, It is coming.

“This information is amazing,” said Prof. ShaiDen.  “We had been hearing about sentient activity in Dark Crossroads for a few days, but had not been able to get any details before this.  And having a conflux verbalize … well that’s extraordinarily rare.  But the names Zethryn and Ka are not familiar – though I’m not done with my research.”

Professor ShaiDen and Sutonia University have recommended that lordzuon receive the Seeker of Knowledge award for his initiative and bravery in investigating the sentient activity, his detailed reporting of the event, and his work on translating the message.

Professor ShaiDen said, “Clearly something significant is going on here.  I encourage all pilots to keep an eye out for Sent-markers and to investigate if possible. Please report any details you gather to me as quickly as possible at  The more information we gather, the better prepared we can be for whatever is coming.”

UUNN would also appreciate receiving any and all information that is gathered on these Sentient incursions.