Emperor Looks for Citizen Participation in Recitation of Heroes

by Yaz Shanndar

(Outpost Station)  Emperor Cineon today asked for more citizen participation in the official Recitation of Heroes ceremony to be held on 117.5.26.  The Recitation of Heroes is that is the highlight of the first day of the Octavius Feast of the Fallen holidays, where the names of former “heroes” of Octavius are called out publicly, sometimes with a brief remembrance.

“Some of these heroes passed to the Halls long ago,” said Governor Zenobia Zavera, who will help host this year’s holiday.  “Others are retired, and other are long lost – but we still hope for their return,” she added.

There is usually an official ceremony where one of the Emperors makes an appearance and begins the ceremony with his own Recitation.  Last year, Emperor Atticus Septus broke with recent tradition and did his Recitation on the palace grounds on Martius rather than from space.  This year, Emperor Cineon will do the recitation – once again from Outpost sector.  It will be broadcast in all stations and sectors, as well as dirtside.  But this year, Cineon is looking for individuals to submit their remembrances, which he will then read aloud.

“A few years ago, Cineon did the traditional recitation, but invited the pilots present to do their own recitation,” said Governor Zvera.  “But many people just can’t make it to the official Recitation, and that also excludes those who cannot — or do not — fly any more.  So this year, the Emperor has asked for submissions in advance of the holiday.  There are just three requirements: (1) the Remembrance cannot be a currently active pilot; (2) they must, of course, be from Octavius; and (3) you cannot submit yourself.”

Recitation submissions should be sent to Cineon_Imp@tri-subspace.net and should include your pilot handle, the name of the person to be remembered, and (optionally) a brief sentence or two about them.  The Emperor has promised to read each and every submission.

The Feast of the Fallen is the largest Octavius holiday of the year and lasts three days, with the Day of Remembrance, followed by the Day of Battle and the Day of Feasting.  In 115, Emperor Clements IV of Ares Prime was assassinated by Solrain extremists during his Recitation of Heroes in Octavius Core Sector.


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