Imperial Triune “Meets” on Ares Prime

By Thane Carios

(Ares Prime) An unannounced and unprecedented meeting of the Imperial Triune began today on Ares Prime, hosted by Emperor Venticus, with Consuls from Martius and Cinatus in attendance and Emperors Septus and Cineon attending by holoconference.

Ares Prime - Curia Plaza

The Curia Complex in Trivera, Ares Prime

The meeting is being held at The Curia complex in Trivera and includes many ranking members of the Ministries of all three Imperial States.  It is unknown whether Emperor Venticus is attending in-person or by holoconference from his palace.  Although there has been no official announcement or statement, sources within the Ares Prime ministries have confirmed the meeting.

While some have publicly worried that the secretive meeting could be a prelude to Octavius expansionism, sources within Octavius have insisted that the main topics of the historic meeting are economy and defense against the Conflux.


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