Octavius Wraps Up Uneventful Holiday

UUNN Newswire

(Outpost Station)  The festivities are over, most of the celebrants have regained sobriety, the maintenance crews have finished putting Outpost Station back in order and through it all there was little news, issues or fanfare about the latest Feast of the Fallen 117 holiday.

This years highlight was Emperor Cineon’s appearance in Outpost sector to do the Recitation of Heroes.  Although it would not seem notable, Cineon’s Recitation was interrupted by a Sentient Conflux attack in 114 and Clements IV was assassinated as he was beginning his recitation in 115. Last year Emperor Septus decided that the better part of valor was discretion, and did his Recitation from the Palace Grounds on Martius.

This year, the Emperor asked for Octavius pilots to submit Recitations for him to include.  Pilot Blonder submitted remembrances of Enkido Khan, Clements IV and Fellblade.  Pilots Barber and Wrath, who attended the Recitation in-person, offered their own remembrances — with Barber remembering the squads TBH, HC and FA (a little outside of the traditional approach, but Barber is not Octavi).  Pilot Wrath offered his remembrance for Fellblade’s successor in OV — Algore.

The Octavius Ministry of Culture announced that Captain’s Commendations had be recommended for Blonder, Barber and Wrath for their contributions to the ceremony.


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