Plutonium Factory Repairs Finally Completed

by Thane Carios

(Octavius Core)  More than three months after an explosion severely damaged the Plutonium Factory in Octavius Core sector — and six weeks after a Faction Mission bringing in critical repair supplies was completed — the facility has finally been repaired.  Today, at the urging of Consul Tesios Muca of Ares Prime, the plutonium-factory-repairfacility was repaired by two “drone-ships” owned by squad -=DSRG=-: DSRG-r-OP and
DSRG-r-QC.  Keval’s Thanks awards were given to each drone as well as to pilot Aeghwhyn, who towed a Conflux swarm that had wandered into the sector during the repair effort.

plutonium-factory-repair2“The real thanks goes to pilots Clanlord and Aeghwhyn who, as I understand it, piloted these repair drones,” said Consul Muca.  “This effort took far too long to happen, but at least now, the thing it done.  And this drone technology has been very enlightening.  The Empire will have to look into it.”



Launch Systems Debacle Causes TRI Corp Shakeup

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core) TRI Corporation today announced several organizational changes within its TRI Industries Division.

“In order to better align with our new strategic initiatives, we have decided to make a few changes to the Leadership Team in TRI Industries,” said TRI Corp. CEO Garth Taren.  “Effective immediately, Dorakk Thol is taking over the reins of the TRI Industries, reporting directly to me.  Alwyn Pinguar has elected to take early retirement, and we wish him well with his new life.

“Sagrith Hubri who has spent many years as one of Dorakk’s key advisors, will be stepping up as Director of the Manufacturing, Mercantile and Economics Group.

“We have also elected to make changes within the Station Systems and Maintenance Group where Yelda Mossad will take over as Director.  Yelda joins us from Aristio Conglomerated, where she successfully led the Propulsion Systems Division for 12 years.  As a result, Director Silvaar Ivyx will be leaving TRI Corp after 22 years.  We thank him for his many years of dedicated service.”

Although not noted in the TRI announcement, it is clear that the shakeup is a direct result of the ongoing launch-systems debacle that has shut down all traffic to and from all stations.  Economic impact from this has been estimated in the tens of millions — and counting, since there is still no word when systems will be restored.

Decrypted Log Image Tells Imperial Abduction Tale

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core) On 116.9.30, DSS decryption expert Hammer-BS published a decryption from a DSS1 found in The Split with an image of what appears to be a handwritten log or journal that seems related to the story of Atticus Lucanus, who later became Emperor Atticus Primus of Martius.

dss-log-pageThe sisters told me to feed the boy Atticus to an Ekel, but I cannot bring myself to kill a(n) heir to the Empire. A local witch says that he can be rendered [catatonic] using a tea made from the root of the Desert Pine. She says if he is kept in the state for several months, he will forget his very name once he is allowed to withdraw and [awaken]. So that is what I must do. I fear the judgement of my ancestors and expect an early and honorless death. But I prefer this consequence rather than bowing to the will of Drusa and Priscilla.


We asked Professor D. Karr of the University of Soria at Sol Core (USSC) to give his analysis of this find.

“There’s actually quite a lot of information packed in here,” said Karr.  “The story appears to provide previously-unknown details about the abduction of Atticus Lucanus in 2725.4 (old Imperial Calendar) which is 35.4 BT. I cannot find any data on Horat Bario.

“From the document, we also learn that the plot was to kill, rather than abduct the young heir – and that Desert Pine root,  a well-known hallucinogen, was used to drug him instead.  We also have clear implication of Drusa and Priscilla, the aunts of Atticus Lucanus, in the plot to remove him from the accession line.

“But what I absolutely cannot tell you is the most important thing – whether this document is, in fact, authentic.  There is no way to accurately date it or to authenticate it as an actual log.  Frankly, it could just as easily be someone’s attempt to write historical fiction.”

But along with the apparent “answers” offered by Professor Karr, there are also other nagging questions.  Why was this specific log page imaged and saved?  And why was it found near Amananth, in The Split, rather than from somewhere near Martius?  Perhaps the questions surrounding authenticity are the reason for the complete lack of reaction from Octavius.

Octavius Schedules Factory Inspection Mission

by Thane Carios

(Octavius Core)  Octavius has announced that it is scheduling a special Factory Inspection Mission to determine whether repairs can commence on the damaged Plutonium Factory in Octavius Core Sector.

160730_142925“We require as much photographic and scan data as we can get,” said Consul Tesios Muca, who will coordinate the mission. “We call on all non-Quantar pilots to join us in scanning and photographing the damaged factory on Tuesday, 116.9.13 at 20:00 UTC.  The mission will last approximately 30 minutes.”

Muca also said that pilots joining the mission will be rewarded with up to 50 Octavius Pol-Rating Points; 500,000 credits; a Captain’s Commendation; and ten units of Octavia Lite.

Sol DSS Hoard Discovered

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Cornea)  As the result of a malfunctioning security alarm system, a small storage hold on Cornea Station was found to contain nearly 300 Data Storage Systems (DSS) — all Artifact - DSSapparently untouched.  Included in the find were 64 DSS-1, 70 DSS-2, 71 DSS-3 and 79 DSS-4.  The space was registered to Tmolus Shaen, the Assistant to Pilot Liaison Troiga del Babon — the niece of Cornea Governor Elia del Babon.  The warehouse also contained a number of artifact “UC” components as well.

“Ummm, those were from a holiday contest a couple of years ago, Mr. Garius” said Shaen when we caught up with him at the lower-decks commissary on Cornea.

When we asked why the DSS were not turned over to the proper people for research and data recovery, Shaen said, “I don’t know.  Ms. Garr. . . I mean Speaker Garreth, told me to put them there.”

Based on Shaen’s comments, it appears that the DSS were from the Reconstruction Days 114 “The Search for Arcane Knowledge” event which happened on 114.7.5.  With the recent number of finds being made by a couple of private pilots over the past year or so, it is puzzling why Solrain, given its technological resources, is passing up the opportunity for discovery.

Speaker Garreth’s office was not immediately available for comment.

Pre-Collapse Distress Call Found on DSS

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  The latest DSS data recovery and decryption by the Jalil/Hammer-BS team contains an audio distress call from Commander Drayvn of the ship Argent.

After reviewing the badly corrupted recording a number of times at reduced speed, UUNN believes the following is a very close transcript of the recording:

This is Commander Drayvn of the Sol[???] Ship Argent.  We have apparently been exposed to an undocumented virus.  None of our antivirals have been effective. Two members of the crew [??????] very serious condition and all but one of us [???????] symptoms, including fever, facial swelling, muscle fatigue, and bleeding from the nose and eyes.  We [?????] least 44 days from arrival – just about 28 days for us adjusting for ELD (estimated light-speed dilation).  We begin deceleration in 25 days.  I do not know if we will survive.  This ship must be quarantined upon arrival and anyone coming aboard must be air-tight.  I will continue to broadcast crew status and ETA daily for as long as I can.  Please notify [????????????? . . . the end of the recording is complete static.]

Drayvn was one of the seven pre-collapase Solrains who were found by Hyperials and turned over to Solrain, along with a cure for the virus,  back in 102.1 AT. But it was not until 106 that the STCC acknowledged that Drayvn and several members of his crew had actually survived and been successfully revived.

The revelation caused grave concern that the existence of pre-collapse Solrains could mean that Solrain had access to information about pre-collapse technologies — which could given Solrain great advantages and upset the precarious factional balance of power.  Ultimately, fears were calmed when it was also revealed that the revived pre-collapse Sols had very little memory of their pre-collapse lives and no useful technological information due either to the effects of the virus, their long-cryosleep, damage to their cryosleep capsules during the transfer to Solrain in 101 AT . . . or oven a combination of these issues.

(See UUNN’s TRINN Archive for the story from 106.2)

Drayvn went on to found the Solrain Factionalist Squad, Solidarity.

Imperial Triune “Meets” on Ares Prime

By Thane Carios

(Ares Prime) An unannounced and unprecedented meeting of the Imperial Triune began today on Ares Prime, hosted by Emperor Venticus, with Consuls from Martius and Cinatus in attendance and Emperors Septus and Cineon attending by holoconference.

Ares Prime - Curia Plaza

The Curia Complex in Trivera, Ares Prime

The meeting is being held at The Curia complex in Trivera and includes many ranking members of the Ministries of all three Imperial States.  It is unknown whether Emperor Venticus is attending in-person or by holoconference from his palace.  Although there has been no official announcement or statement, sources within the Ares Prime ministries have confirmed the meeting.

While some have publicly worried that the secretive meeting could be a prelude to Octavius expansionism, sources within Octavius have insisted that the main topics of the historic meeting are economy and defense against the Conflux.