The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol II, No. 10 – by Ares Kiden

Hives Busted.  Roids Cooling

It all started on 7.20 when pilots reported that asteroids were not cooling after being mined.  It ended on 10.26 when the final hives were destroyed and ‘roids began cooling again.  In the interim there were five Faction Missions, that started on 7.20, 8.10, 8.22 and 9.23.  These included missions to re-program Quantar beacons, Hyperial data collection, a series of Octavius anomaly scans, Solrain commodity stockpiling and Amananth beacon monitoring.

And while all of this was going on, there was a brief period of rapid infestations activity, with some of the infestations seeming absolutely impregnable.

On 9.9 — after the fourth Faction Missions — TRI Corporation’s Research Division called on pilots to tune ALL beacons to one color (ended up being green).

And once all that was done, there was a call to destroy all Conflux Hives in five targeted sectors.  I’m not going to repeat what has already been reported on this, but kudos to the pilots who didn’t just walk away frustrated and complaining — who brought this drama to an end on 10.26.  Your rewards were well-deserved.

***** BUT *****

After all was said and done.  What happened?  What, exactly caused the ‘roids to stay hot?  Can it happen again?  Was this an attack or an unintended effect?  What was going on with all of those infestations — was that connected?  Why were some so strong?  Do we have any data on this from all of those missions?  Am I the only one who’s concerned about all of this?

Yasar Centennial Celebrated

Well as you know from my last Update,  I was actually pretty excited about this. I showed up on Quantar Core to see Yasar — I even got there almost an hour early to be sure I could get up-close.  Sadly, I could have gotten up-close even if arrived 15 minutes early.  There was a small, polite crowd, half of whom were probably station workers on break.  One of the Quant Tahirs did a nice speech.  I got to say “hello” and shake Yasar’s hand (which was pretty awesome).  And then he actually launched from the station and re-docked.  He used a Docking Comp, though, which was not all that surprising (the guy’s really old) — but still a little disappointing.

Too bad you were not there, too.

Helion Day

Did anyone else ever know about Helion Day?  Does anyone really care?  In fairness, I never knew that New Dawn was anything but a squad name — so that was pretty cool.

Octs Celebrate Forgiving 

As we do every year, on 10.31 the people of Octavius celebrated Exorzismus and forgave themselves.  We forgave ourselves for murdering others.  We forgave ourselves for murdering each other.  We forgave ourselves for eating babies.

I feel much better now.


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