Determined Trio Exterminates Hives

by Thane Carios

(UUNN HQ)  It’s finally done.  Thanks primarily to Clanlord, Gen.Tra and Morris, the targeted hives in sectors First Sight, C-3309, C-1101, C-1102,and C-2199 were destroyed and most of them have not re-spawned.  And as predicted, asteroids that were staying in a high-entropy (heated) state after mining have finally begun to cool.

“Unfortunately, we still don’t know exactly what was causing the problem with mined asteroids not-cooling,” said Carlo Adiar, TRI Corp’s Assistant Director for Conflux Studies.  “Nor do we know which hive(s) and sector(s) were the source.  But we just didn’t have the luxury of taking the time to narrow it down one-by-one.”

The mission to destroy these hives was initiated on 118.9.25 — just over a month ago.  Initially, authorities believed that all hives needed to be eliminated within one hour to avoid respawn.  Although a few pilots tried to organize missions and stock nukes, many others just saw it as an impossible task.

“Like some others, I {complained} a bit about the impossibility of the mission,” said pilot Morris.  “Some chose not to fly any more, and it was quiet, very quiet. I decided that I needed to get my act together… I set about building my first-ever POS, filling it with ships and practicing … {and} oh yes – and producing nukes. Space remained very quiet. No-one was willing to take on ‘mission impossible’, and there wasn’t much else to do, with there being no mining and no production.”

“When the rumour came around that some hives weren’t re-spawning, and then the wording of the mission and changed, I decided to go and see for myself by destroying hives in C-1102 (the easiest sector) and reporting back my findings,” said Morris.  “The rumour turned out to be true, so I just kept going.”

“The success of this mission is in no small part due to pilots putting aside their differences,” said pilot Gen.Tra. “Morris, Clanlord, Darkness, Tui, myself — and Xenobiologist/Conflux “expert” Professor Athena ShaiDen — all played large roles in identifying and combating this threat.”

“Dwindling resources would have forced our factions to war each other over what little was left,” added GenTra.  “The success of this mission was paramount to insure the survival of the great Octavius Empire, and for the time being, the other factions.”

Prof. Athena ShaiDen of Sutonia University made the following statement:  “Thank goodness this is over  . . .  but there are still so many questions.  What kind of energy caused asteroids to remain in a high-entropy state?    Was this an attack by The Conflux, or simply an unintended by-product?  I don’t think this should be treated as a closed-case.  I could be a one-time annoyance.  It could also be just the very beginning of something much worse.”



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