Fears Grow Over Conflux Inroads

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  Changes in Conflux spawn patterns has begun to raise concerns among pilots.  There have been confirmed changes in spawn behaviors in a number of sectors — in some instances, the spawn strength has decreased, but in the majority of cases, pilots have been seeing higher-level Conflux drones appearing.

“This is nothing to worry about,” said Carlo Adiar, Asst. Director of Conflux Studies at TRI Corporation.  “We have seen Conflux patterns change periodically and see no particular threat-pattern here.” Continue reading


Antiflux Prices Reach Record Highs

By Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  As pilots squabble over Antiflux inventories, the prices at public stations have continued to climb to record levels – selling for approximately 250% more than they were just two weeks ago.antiflux market

“Markets panic, that’s just what they do,” said Ferrix Charyb, the STCC Minister of Trade.  “We’ve seen some people grabbing for these rare ECMs, and today, as I look at the market, it appears that the ones that disappeared from Hyperial a few days ago have now re-appeared at Solrain Core – clearly at a very significant profit. Continue reading

Veteran Flux-Warrior Resurfaces

by Yaz Shanndar

(Octavius Core Station)  In the last week, a name resurfaced in the duty rosters that only a handful of veteran pilots will remember:  RazorsKiss.   A former New Dawn squadron leader, RazorsKiss was heavily involved in early Conflux research with TRI-R and in the Amananth 20 affair.  He agreed to a brief interview regarding his disappearance — and recent return.

Hello, RazorsKiss – and welcome back to active duty after all these years.  Exactly how long were you gone from active duty?
As far as I can recall (things are a bit fuzzy, with the Collapse, NDC going dark, my injury…) I think I last logged flight time somewhere in early 104. 

What made you decide to return to flying?
I woke up – at Oct Core. I played some catch up – now older, and more than a little grey – and applied for reinstatement. Continue reading

UUNN Time-Mistake Causes Ceremony Confusion

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Today’s ceremony for the transfer of the Enkido Kahn Log DSS and the awarding of the Emperor’s Emissary medals was tarnished by a mistake by UUNN who published the ceremony time as 16:00 UTC, when it should have been 15:00 UTC. because of this error, Hammer-BS — discoverer and decrypter of the DSS missed the ceremony entirely.

“We feel horrible about this,” said UUNN Founder and Publisher, Fence. “Especially for Hammer-BS. He played a huge role in this history-making affair, and he deserved to be there for the honors. This won’t happen again.”

Since many people missed the ceremony, the following is a transcript of the Emperor’s statements.

In-Station during the transfer of the DSS

This moment is historic for our people, and all I can say is “thank you.” I know you are not from Octavius . . . and you were not out there particularly looking for our history. Nonetheless, the two of you, because of your efforts and talents, have done something special for Octavius and something very special for me .

So I want you to know how personally grateful I am – not as an Emperor, but as someone who, a little boy, idolized Enkido Kahn and who read stories about him and emulated him in play with his friends.

Please go ahead and initiate the transfer.

Now let’s head outside to do the “official” stuff.
Awards Ceremony Outside Outpost Station
Welcome Octavius! Welcome Quantar!  . . . and Solrain.

Aveg et Honore!

Today we celebrate both glory and honor.

We celebrate the glory of one of the great heroes of Octavius, whose voice has come back to us through the ages. We honor the pilots who have made this possible.

In the year 38AT, Enkido Kahn – one of the great heroes of Octavius and a revered son of Cinatus – made one of the great discoveries of our era.  He made a decision to divert from his mission of scanning anomalies for jumpgate construction and investigate a dim star . . .  He took a great risk, and he changed history with his discovery of Amananth.

Because of the efforts and talents of two pilots, Hammer-BS and Jalil, his voice has come echoing back to us through the years . . . from a time on the eve of his great discovery.  We hear his determination, his dreams and his doubt. And our hero becomes a REAL person to us.  And so today, we celebrate the reality of Enkido Kahn and we honor Hammer-BS and Jalil.

To that end… It is my honor and my pleasure, to present the Emperor’s Emissary medal to Hammer-BS and Jalil.  Their efforts have made Enkido Kahn alive to us again. And their generosity bring the remnants of his log back to us so that we may remember and honor him better.

Aveg et Honore to Enkido Kahn!
Aveg et Honore to Hammer-BS!
Aveg et Honore to Jalil!

There was also a bit of excitement shortly after the Emperor had docked at Outpost when a pirate name Huzzah made his way toward outpost Sector and was fought primarily by pilot Clanlord and the station’s defense drones, but with Jalil actually landing the kill-shot.

STCC Clarifies Position; Fa’hil Memta Issues Warning

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Solrain Core, Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – In an unusual move this morning, the STCC has issued the following statement, in an apparent attempt to distance itself from the actions of its own pilots:

“Over the last few days, more radial Solrain pilots have been reported engaging civilian cargo ships as they attempt to enter Solrain space and dock at our stations. While such actions are being taken in the name of the STCC, these actions are not in compliance with the STCC directives, which are very specific. Only non Solrain shipping carrying more than 10 (ten) Flashfires are to be intercepted. Vessels discovered to be carrying Flashfires without a license are to be given the chance to divert to a Solrain station, or risk being destroyed. Licenses to haul large quantities of Flashfires may be obtained by contacting the STCC.”

In related news, the Fa’hil Memta has issued a formal warning to its pilots:

“With the arrival of the deadline set by the STCC, all Quantar pilots are advised to use caution around Solrain, as well as Octavian combat pilots. Quantar cargo pilots are requested to ensure Quantar Core is well stocked, especially with key Amananth technology. Solrain and Octavian pirates will not be allowed to prevent our pilots from their normal activities.”

Octavius Denies Allegations; Initiates Response

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Octavius Core (TRI-FP) – As the situation surrounding Amananth rapidly degrades, the Octavian Empire has seemingly taken a preemptive strike against the proposed licensing of the movement of Flashfire technology by the STCC.
“Why the STCC would even think that we would want to enter into any sort of alliance with Quantar is incomprehensible,” commented Tesios Muca. “I am sure that once this ‘evidence’ is made public, it will be seen for what it is – a fabrication by the STCC, and nothing more.

“The STCC is clearly manipulating the situation to obtain an economic stranglehold on certain key technology, starting with the Flashfire. This situation demands a strong and decisive response – a response that will come from the Empire, if the STCC continues down this misguided path.

“We will not strike first – the STCC has already done that by relocating Flashfires from Octavian space to Solrain space, yet, their thinly veiled attempts to weaken us will not succeed. Likewise, it is obvious to us that all Quantar wants is to expand their territory by Annexing Amananth space by false friendship. Therefore, effective immediately, Octavian forces are commanded to interdict any non Octavian ship carrying large quantities of Flashfires outside of Octavian space without the express permission of the Empire. Interdicted ships should dock at an Octavian station, where they may sell their Flashfires at market rates. Octavian cargo pilots are instructed to ensure that Octavius core station is regularly stocked with Amananth technology, including Flashfires.

“This order will remain in effect until the STCC revokes its recent edict, and Quantar ceases its expansionist policies for Amananth space.”

Quantar Responds To STCC

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

Quantar Core (TRI-FP) – The Fa’hil Memta was quick to respond to a recently announced escalation of the Amananth situation, with this brief statement being issued by Tahir Queliar Neamru:

“The Fa’hil Memta categorically denies the accusations laid down by the STCC. We invite the STCC to present its so called irrefutable evidence, and issue warning that should the STCC proceed with this foolhardy escalation of hostilities, we shall be forced to respond in kind.

“We shall do everything in our power to prevent this explosive situation from escalating any further, but the Fa’hil Memta will not stand by and ignore factionally sponsored piracy upon Quantar vessels.”