Festival 118! Comes to a Close

by Yaz Shanndar

(Quantar Core) Festival 118! came to a close with some mixed reviews.  About 40 pilots were online over the four days of the holiday, but according to TRI Corporation, which sponsors the annual holiday events, pilots participation in contests and events was fairly disappointing across the board.

Conversely, there was some disappointment with TRI Corp’s event management as well.  Pilot Sinver slammed the running of Friday’s Treasure Hunt event, saying:

“I was looking forward to this all,day while at work. I’ve wasted an entire evening because quite frankly, you couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery. The clues were useless. Don’t even bother tomorrow. Just park the ship and forget about it. A great idea, really great idea terribly executed. My entire evening wasted. Thanks guys.”

TRI President and CEO Garth Taren made the following statement, recalling the past and praising those present, as the festivities drew to a close:

Festival Thankyou


The following are the results for the various Festival! 118 events

Pilots Choice Awards
No medals were awarded this year.  The required minimum votes was seven (7) and no one received more than 4 votes in any one category.

Library Contests

Holiday Haiku
Just four pilots submitted a Holiday HaikuAmbrosius, Morris, Sinver and Vorlon31.  Although some did not conform to the requirement that the haiku be about one of the stories published in the Library, it has been determined that all will receive a Captain’s Commendation and 500,000 credits.

Storyteller Contest
This was a contest to write a short story inspired by one of three published images.  Unfortunately, there were no submissions.

Photo Phest
There was only one entry for the Photo Phest and it case from pilot Clanlord — a picture dsrg drones mining mokksof his DSRG drones mining ice in Mokks Battlefield.  Since this was the only submission, Clanlord will receive the Keval’s Thanks medal and 500,000 credits.


“To Boldly Go” Artifact Exploration Contest

  1. First-place Clanlord (36)   Cesium Medal and 3 UC-12s
    (pilot requested UC-12s instead of EB stack)
  2. Second place Hammer-BS (16)  Platinum Medal and an AB-3;
  3. Third place Sinver (3)   Antimony Medal and an EB-3.

Since there were only four participants in this event, pilot Painter (2) will be receiving a Captain’s Commendation even though he did not retrieve the 10-artifact minimum.

TRI Trivia
There were just three entries to the TRI Trivia contest — Hammer-BS, Clanlord and Morris.  All had five correct answers, so all will be receiving a Seeker of Knowledge medal and 1 million credits.

Here are the questions, the answers and the sources:

  • Name the rather lengthy pre-collapse treaty between what was then already called Solrain and Octavius that mainly dealt with the establishment of borders and neutral areas.
    (Charta Solaria; from the timeline)
  • Where could you find out about The Murk?
    (The Kingmonkey Tails – (1)The Murk or (2)Tribulation – in the Library)
  • Who was the leader of the group of Octavian techno-mystics who left their dirtside colony outside Justos on the planet Cinatus and headed into space in 26AT?
    (Rom Dagar – timeline was simplest source.  Also in TRI Databank)
  • Name the Sol Federation ship whose crew became infected while on an exploration mission shortly before The Great Collapse.
    (The Argent – timeline was simplest source.  Also in TRI Databank)
  • What is the name of the ringed gas giant in Ring View sector?  
    (Orus  https://tridatabank.wordpress.com/2015/10/16/quantar-system-overview/)

Treasure Hunt
Although it took about a day and a half and several clues, pilots Hammer-BS, Morris and Clanlord finally located and emptied the TRI-TRAN-1 Treasure Ship, which was parked 97k out from the gate in Outer Storm.  The treasure included commodities, equipment, artifacts and a Size 2 POS buildkit with an estimated value of over 100 million credits.

Mission Madness

  1. First-place Hammer-BS (162)   Cesium Medal and a CM-4, 3, 2 stack
  2. Second place Morris (107)   Platinum Medal and a CM-4;
  3. Third place Clanlord  (49)   Antimony Medal and a UC-12.

Ronin (20), Jolie (19) and SoraNezumi (10) received Captain’s Commendations


All medals and prizes should be awarded by the end of this week.










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