The (Unregulated) Update

unregulated-updateVol. III, No. 5 – by Ares Kiden

This issue has turned out to be *** The Hyperial Issue *** … because, well, I guess the rest of the factions are just pretty boring!

Hyperial Building Destroyed

It started with a series of explosions at the already-damaged Phosphorous Nanoproducer that began on the late Dr. Kelvin Rauder’s birthday.  Then a pilots decided to repair that producer — and that sparked a see-saw battle with Quantar pilots (primarily Ambrosius) lobbing nukes at the building; and a group of pilots from various factions led by GrimGriz attempting to defend and repair the building.

Along the way there was lots of taunting, insulting, challenging and general deriding going on.  There were even a couple ship-to-ship battles.  In the end, the building was destroyed — but that has still not put an end to the debate over whether the building had housed a secret Hyperial GenMod laboratory.

We may never know.


Equipment Dumped

In other Hyperial news, the Hyperial Station Dockmaster made it abundantly clear that almost all Quantar equipment has been jettisoned from Hyperial station and that the order came from “up top.”  So keep a sharp eye out for debris in Hyperial sector.


Election Time!

And finally … The Directorate began the process this week of determining whether Commander H.A. Nelson will continue as Governor of Hyperial Station for four more years — or whether another candidate will be selected to take his place.

order of the ancientsCommander Nelson was a dark-horse selection in 111AT when he was selected to replace Graham Talut — a three-term Governor.  Nelson, who is Quantar by birth, was one of the most famous Hyperial Mercenaries in the early 100s.  He was awarded The Order of the Ancients along with Hyperial citizenship in 108.

The new Station Governor term will begin on 119.4.1.


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