Plot to Disrupt Funeral Ceremony Foiled

by Yaz Shandar

(Tripoint Station)  TRI-SEC successfully foined a plot to disrupt a funeral ceremony for Ja’lil Aq’tamm today.

“We had strong suspicion that something like this would happen,” said Solder Ronin, head of TRI-Security. “Pilot GRN2 launch was pertty clear with his intent on station channels.  So we have TRI-SEC-2 positioned outside the station and launched the decoy.  GRN2 took the bait and TRI-SEC-2 took him down.  It was an easy operation.”

According to Ronin, GRN2’s launch authorization was temporarily suspended so the sending off ceremony could be completed.

Once the situation was resolved, the brief ceremony was completed by Quantar Al’mataan (Apprentice-level priest) R’hon Qua’thar.


It is unknown whethr GRN2 was acting on his own, or was part of a larger plot.


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