TRI-SEC Calls Off Manhunt

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) TRI-SEC announced today that is is calling off the manhunt for the clone-pilot -Gent-.  Those who participated in the manhunt that resulted in the capture of the other two clones — Gent (Solrain) and _Gent_ (Octavius) — have been rewarded as follows:

Two Tache’s Crest medals have been awarded to pilot Aion for the capture and arrest of the Gent and _Gent_ clones.  Aion also received 2 million credits in bounty reward from Octavius.


The new Paladins Pride pin has been awarded to Kefla (two pins) for his assistance in pursuing and apprehending the clones; and to GrimGriz for providing intel on a clone’s location.  GrimGriz also received 250,000credits for that information.

The Office of Governor Hasdrubar Carto has also announced that it is discontinuing its bounty and information offers on the one clone who has not been apprehended.

Pulsar Array Repaired

From the TRINN Archives

By Zoe Vexel

(TRI-HQ)¬† Last night, in a flurry of activity, pilots from all factions banded together in defense of the Conflux menace. Twenty-four pilots, in addition to TRI Enforcer “Smoke” served as the defensive fleet for the TRI-CSD repair team. The mission of this second repair team was to repair the array, and recover their fallen comrades from the heinous Conflux attack on 104.08.18. The team was successful on both fronts. “It was ugly in there” offered Cmd. Pederson of TRI-CSD repair team Delta. ‘We had the scans from the recon mission, so we were able to get in and get out, but it looked like repair team Bravo was successful in rerouting the surge to the on-board capacitors. The capacitors were simply unable to withstand that level of charge, so they exploded. We were, however, able to recover all ten men. No one was left behind, thanks to the efforts of our escort.”

Repeated waves of Conflux attacked the convoy en route to the Pulsar array. Reports of Stingrays were heard throughout the circuitous trek to Pulsar. There were also numerous reports of infestations and C-8S Conflux that seemed to run as scouts. Upon arrival in Pulsar, a massive swarm of drones engaged the armada, with minimal losses. Only one appearance of the C-10S that initially damaged the array was reported.

Dr. Calatorius added “I would like to thank those brave pilots of TRI who gave of themselves for the greater good. I have forwarded a full roster from last night’s mission to TRI-RMD for medals that were more than earned. I again offer my deepest thanks to all the pilots who flew last night and aided in our recovery effort.” When asked of the current condition of the arrays, Dr. Calatorius said that the Pulsar array is running at reduced power. “It takes about 72 hours to fully restore operations after a critical shutdown.” Dr. Calatorius also said that after the Pulsar array is online, the Aman Leap array would be inspected and restored to operation as well.

TRI-RMD released the names of the pilots receiving Tache’s Crest for their valiant efforts in the defense of TRI: Reece, SpaceDrake, Osprey, Paktu, Mike21, TheRag, Achilles, FS
Panther, Dr-McManus, RaiderOne, K-Spar, Solarwind,¬†WingMan, Blackwidow, C-note, nighthawk1, LupinOne, TrashGordn, spork, Topaz, Peregrine, purge, Xenobe, and Hrafn. Pilot Reece will also receive Samon’s Legacy for his assistance to TRI-Research in delivering two units of Sentient Conflux Biomass. Lastly, pilot SpaceDrake will receive the Traveler’s Choice medal for his escort duties. When pressed on this award, TRI-RMD Director Echo Tetsab stated “pilot SpaceDrake remained with the shuttle for the entire duration of the required escort period. This is not to disparage those pilots who fought off the conflux in their wake, but to offer SpaceDrake something for passing on that bounty to see the job through. Plus, we never get to award this one anymore.”