Prosthetics Smuggler Dies Avoiding Capture

UUNN Newswire

A smuggler flying a modified Phaeton fast-transport died today while being pursued by TRI Security  (TRI-SEC) forces.  TRI-SEC had scanned him and found him to be carrying two units of illegal Prosthetics.  The chase continued through Dark Gateway, Primus Point, Arkans Cloud, The Outer Edge and The Outer Rim.

The smuggler’s ship hit a petal while exiting the Outer Rim gate towards The Rim.  For some reason — perhaps because of the ship’s illegal ship modifications — the LifePod(tm) did not separate and the pilot was killed.  The Solrain smuggler used the callsign Orico, though it is believed that this was a stolen transponder.

“Prosthetics activity seems to be on the rise again — especially out of Lothars,” said Solder Ronin, Commandant of TRI-SEC.  “Prices have skyrocketed and these smugglers are willing to take big risks for big profits.  But it won’t be worth it.  We will catch them.”


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