TRI Unveils System Enhancements For New Pilots

From TRINN Archives
By Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – As part of its continuing improvement program, TRI’s Novice Pilot Affairs section has released several key programs to assist new recruits build a solid foundation for future advancement.

“We are pleased to not only offer our new recruits better financial incentives, ” stated Solder Ronin, sectional leader for Novice Pilot Affairs, “but, in conjunction with TRI-Research, we are pleased to announce various enhancements to the shuttle class ships, to better assist new recruits.

“Other system improvements include a new broadcast channel – TIPS – which offers good advice to our newer recruits, as well as a new flight registry, aimed offering our newer pilots protection from pirates and other miscreants.

“These new systems are available to pilots until they reach sufficient rank to fly their factional light fighters.”


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