Hyperial Releases Initial Amananth Data

By Thane  Carios

(Barnard, Hypsos) Hyperial today released findings from its recently-completed photography mission, with pilots returning hundreds of high-resolution photos of the exterior of Amananth Station to Hyperial for careful analysis.

“Contrary to the opinions of several of our detractors, this mission was a resounding success,” said Dr. Charys Titus, Vice-Chair of the Hyperial Department of Technology.  planimetric“While we have not completed analysis of all of the photographs yet, Planimetric Grain-Size Analysis of over a hundred of the images has determined that the metallurgy of the central ring of Amananth Station is very different from the rest of the station.”

The Hyperial mission was one of the longest ever recorded, running for 25 days and coming under fire from TRI Corporation and the STCC.  It was also recently-questioned by Prof. Atena ShaiDen  whose own mission to analyze the station was canceled due to lack of available participants.

amananth“As we know, most of Amananth station is inaccessible to us,” said Titus, “and it is only this ‘central ring’ area around the docking and launch bays that we have any knowledge of whatsoever.  And this area is clearly different from the rest of the station.  It was built from different alloys … and, we believe, at a later time.”


4 responses to “Hyperial Releases Initial Amananth Data

  1. This is actually a lot more than I thought they would find through photography, and it makes me even more interested in doing the scanning project I had planned for last weekend. Are there any pilots interested in giving the scanning project another try? Based on this I think we could get it done with as few as four people if we focus on the central ring area.

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