Quantar Releases Statement on Recent DSS Find

UUNN Newswire

(Quantar Core)  The Temple of Roh on Quanus has released a statement regarding the recently-found image from the First Book of Hamalzah:

“Our Brothers have carefully examined the image of a manuscript found and decoded by two of our people.  While we rejoice in the words of our scripture, we cannot say that the image recently found on a DSS in Amananth space represents something historical, or simply the spreading of The Word.  Nothing in the image dates the scriptural fragment, and the words in the imaged script are identical to the canonical versions of the First Book of Hamalzah.  We would love to say that this is an image of an early copy but it is just not a judgement that we can make based on the evidence here.

“It is our hope that, regardless of its age, this find will call the Faithful, and perhaps some others as well, to a new and inspired reading of these Holy Words.”


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