UUNN Parts Ways with Brenari

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Less than a day after taking full responsibility for an editorial error that resulted in a very poorly attended awards ceremony, UUNN announced that reporter Kedra Brenari will be leaving the news service.

“We thank Ms. Brenari for her years of service and wish her well in her new endeavors,” said Fence, the UUNN Founder and Publisher.

UUNN has, as yet, not named a replacement for Ms. Brenari.


Fourteen-Year-Old DSS: Shocking Contents!

by Fence

(UUNN HQ) A recently-retrieved DSS has yielded an entirely new kind of data — an image.  As with other DSS, this one was made up on long strings of characters.  In some cases, these are indecipherable … in other cases, once decrypted, they yield various types of information in text form.  But a DSS-1 “Rare” found in Lesser Locks four months ago, turned out to be an image in encoded form.115.9.4D1B-0

The document dated AT 102.3.15 appears to be an internal memo from the TRI Evolutionary Council (TEC) welcoming new members to its ranks.  There is some data missing from corruption of the data, but some things are fairly clear:  that becoming a member of the TEC was a lifetime commitment; that the TEC was involved with research that involved conflux genetics–not surprising since it was widely suspected that the TEC was the organization behind the Conflux Containment Center; and most shockingly, that the TEC supported human experimentation and denial of freedoms.

In 102AT, the TEC was tied to the attempted assassination of Dr. Holly Q’son and the disappearance of TRINN Reporter Zoe Vexel … among many other things rumored but never substantiated such as the attempted assassination Dr. Nevin Yrral (then Director of TRI Research) and the successful assassination of Zhilaa Katdinal (then Director of TRI Bureau of Stellar Cartography).

While the TEC was a part of TRI during The Reconstruction period, it was not part of the reorganization into TRI Corporation in 105AT.  There has never been any information on the TEC membership roster.


Let OBI Know You Won’t Stand for Bully Tactics

A UUNN Editorial
by Fence

OctBurger Industries (OBI) thinks it can suppress information about its products and maintain its market share by bullying and threatening. And while Octavius has a long history of resolving issues through wars, duels and fights – this is none of those. OBI did not challenge Askume or me to a duel. This is not about an honorable (if bloody) solution to a dispute between parties. This is a feeble attempt to bully people into ignoring the fact that their products are inferior and easy to replace. This is a sad alternative to a lawsuit they know they would lose.

And the worst part about it is that they’ve chosen to make two Octavians their targets! Are they deluded? Have they been hitting the Oct Light too hard? Maybe this would have worked on a Sol, a Quant or a Hyperial . . . but when you call-out an Oct, you’re going to GET an Octavian — in your face.

Unfortunately, we have not been directly challenged … we’ve just had private bounties placed on us. Short of heading over to their corporate offices and shooting-up the place, we don’t have a lot of recourse. But maybe there’s something we can ALL do together. Maybe we can register our collective displeasure in a very simple, direct way: we stop buying and eating OctBurger Industries products! So … no OctBurgers … no Baby Bitz … no SlugNuggets … no BloodBlizzard shakes. And my guess is, that if a lot of us join together to do this, then maybe the OctBurger Board of Directors will wish we had chosen to come shoot-up the offices instead.

So I, personally, call on pilots — all pilots – to join me in boycotting all OctBurger restaurants and OctBurger frozen foods. To show your solidarity with us, just sign your name or leave a brief message in the Comments section below this editorial.

They can bounty a pilot or two. They can even double or triple the current bounties. But they cannot bounty everyone and they cannot hope to stand against our united opposition.

Solrain Speaker Shot At During Convoy

by Fence

(Solrain Core) The STCC’s scrappy Speaker Demeter Garreth showed off some evasion skills yesterday during the Reconstruction Days Convoy event when rogue Quantar pirate PinkThing attacked her in GVB. Speaker Garreth gave us the play-by-play after the awards ceremony. She was still practically glowing with combat adrenaline, and eager to talk about her experience.

UUNN: Tell us what happened with PinkThing. How’d he get in position to fire at you?

Garreth: Well, I made my only wrong turn of the night and jumped to Zealots Refuge while the rest of the Convoy was en route to Main Gate. When I jumped back into GVB, I saw someone call “pirate” on F3, and the next thing I knew, my shields were lit up.

UUNN: I heard you evaded like an old pro. Where’d you learn to fly like that?

Garreth: I had the best flight instructor credits could buy! After all, like I told the convoy, a Speaker for Solrain does not hit a petal or worse yet, splash while docking at Outpost Station. So I did what my instructor told me, which was “when they are eating into your armor, you TURN and mash the FF control as hard as you can! And always run toward your escorts, not away.” Pretty basic, but let me tell you, I practically put my thumb through that flashfire control panel! Lost a nail in the process.

UUNN: Yes, I see it. Now, I’ve heard that some dignitaries convince their flight crews to ignore safety protocols and install oversized equipment. Tell us, what’s really under the hood of your Interceptor?

Garreth: [Laughter] The only part of my ship that is not stock-sized and homegrown Solrain gear are the FlashFires, Duelist, and an AB-4 (that was found in Solrain space). That’s why it putters around at 440v!

UUNN: You survived with your ship relatively intact, around 50% armor. Did you shoot down PinkThing yourself?

Garreth: Oh heavens no. I’ve learned to fly from point A to point B well enough. And simple things like “turn and FF” but the only shot I fired was the political type. I nipped that scoundrel 10 PR points with Solrain for shooting at me. Not that he would care since he was already at -100, but you fight back in the ways that you can.

UUNN: Ok, so who was the hero of the day that saved you an embarrassing pod ride?

Garreth: You won’t believe it, so here’s a clip. I plan to keep a hard copy in my pocket every time I fly. It was a perfect way to end the convoy. I honestly don’t know who all from the convoy was shooting at the pirate, but the kill shot went to Solrain Optimus McPlowed, who would later receive The Foundation of the Trust, our highest honor. And it was his first PvP kill after the Catastrophe. And he was flying the classic symbol of Solrain trading power, the Pioneer. Excelsior Solaria!


TRI and STCC Face Off About The Reconstruction Days

by Fence

(Solrain Core Station)   With Solrain’s traditional celebration of The Reconstruction Days looming next week, and with the clash over the confiscation of the Tache Uzelin’s empty ship still fresh in everyone’s mind, TRI has announced plans to issue a few of its own awards on Sunday, 114.07.06, following the Solrain awards event. TRI’s statement indicated that the awards will focus on pilots who fly for the benefit of all the factions rather than just their home faction.

This year’s Reconstruction Days festival is being chaired by Speaker Demeter Garreth of the STCC, who’s re-election campaign for an unprecedented 10th term of Speakership is set to kick off during the holiday. She is well known among many pilots and their dirtside relations as “the pilot’s Speaker,” a moniker she claimed during the closing days of the last election cycle (by stating as-yet-unfulfilled intentions to become a jump pilot herself), which according to most pundits, enabled her to snatch a victory from certain defeat at the polls. We caught up with Speaker Garreth, who had this to say about TRI’s announcement:

Frankly, what TRI Corp is trying to do here is really a non-issue. Pilots are not stupid–they know The Reconstruction Days has been a standing Solrain tradition for nearly a thousand years, since the early days of the SRI. The attention seekers at The Corp are desperate to find relevance for themselves in the post-TRI era, and The Corp tossing out some awards to some (albeit very deserving) pilots, won’t be a distraction from our plans at all. Solrain is not necessarily at odds with multi-factional pilots, or those of the other factions. We hope pilots of every cut will attend this year’s Reconstruction Days. I assure you, I’ve got something up my sleeve to announce that will surely not disappoint.

“The Reconstruction Days” is a three day festival that celebrates the Solrain Reconstruction Initiative, with one day for each of the SRI’s “Three Laws of Pioneering” which later formed the basis for the (now defunct) TRI Charter.

Friday 07.04 – The Rediscovery of the Galaxy
On Friday, there will be a special Solrain Faction Mission created to to try and gather information on the old Solrain outpost station in Light Lost sector.

Saturday 07.05 – The Search for Arcane Knowledge
On Saturday all will be encouraged to search for artifacts.  There will be an agent at Cornea Station periodically throughout the day paying 150% of face value for any artifact.  There will also be an organized hunt beginning at 21:00 GMT.

Sunday 07.06 – The Repopulation of the surviving planets
On Sunday there will be Convoy through the Systems, so be ready with your Trasnsport, Tow or Freighter.  Time, route and Hauling Plans will be communicated separately.  The Convoy will end at Solrain Core, where the annual Solrain Awards will be presented.

Pilots from ALL factions are welcome to participate in The Reconstruction Days events.