DSS Yields Thrice-Seven Log Entry!

UUNN Newswire

(UUNN HQ) Just hours after the dataset from a PC-DSS1 “Rare” was recovered and released, it has been fully decrypted and appears to be a log entry from Octavius hero Enkido Kahn dated 038.3.5 — just two months before his discovery of Amananth.

E.Khan Log – 038.3.5

We have been away from home now for two and a half years … for us. At home it has been more than four years.

We started the journey in our “77” intending to scout potential anomalies for new gates in sector EK.033.1.0. We left the warmth of Usil for this dark place and while there were anomalies to examine along our path, I decided to head directly for the pale bluish star three light years away. We have spent our two and a half years traversing this last parsec and it has been the most difficult voyage I have ever undertaken. This was the emptiest of voids and the crew, excited in the very beginning, has been restless and difficult since then. Six months into the journey I ordered eight of them into stasis chambers to preserve our supplies, and I watch my back carefully as the other three are in the mood to revolt. We begin preparing for deceleration in two weeks and I will have to awaken the rest.

I have determined that a single planet orbits the dim star, and while I have hopes that we will find people there, there is no way to tell at this range. I pray to my ancestors that my gamble here will pay off. In my mind’s eye I see celebrations and parades when we return to Cinatus … but it could just as well be a security escort and a prison cell awaiting me.

The data recovery was done by pilot Jalil — formerly an engineer at Ayabar Labs, and now self-employed at Jalil’s DSS Salvage & Recovery.  Decryption was performed by pilot Hammer-BS, who also originally found the DSS in The Split and gave it to Jalil Aq’tamm for data recovery.  The log is in pristine condition with absolutely no corruption and is a rare peek into the real life of a legendary pilot.

After his discovery of Amananth, Enkido Kahn would go on to become a test pilot for the first single-pilot jump ships as a member of the “Thrice Seven.”








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