Conflux Attack Disables Khamsin Naval Yard

From the TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Corridor (TRI-FP) – Damage assessment following the Sentient Conflux attack of the night before last indicates that the Quantar Heavy Miner (Khamsin) Naval Yard at Corridor station was disabled, while the Fast Transport (Whirlwind) suffered ‘significant’ damage, although is still operational.

A statement was released from the office of Station Governor Sathama Randi:

“Shortly after 9pm ET on 105.02.13, a pair of C8-S were detected at Corridor station, escorting a C13-S ‘Kamikaze’. Despite more than adequate warning from the CLAWS array of an impending attack, Quantar beacons remained untuned for most of the evening, allowing the Conflux to approach Corridor undetected.

“With the majority of active Quantar combat pilots engaged in personal activities around Hyperial space, Corridor remained undefended except for the brave efforts of Quantar pilot Nistus, who tried valiantly to defend Corridor, despite being severely outgunned. As the attack continued, a broad coalition of pilots eventually arrived to push back the Sentients – while these pilots arrived too late to save the Khamsin yard from critical damage, this timely arrival of reinforcements, mainly from outside of Quantar, ensured that the Whirlwind naval yard remained operational.

“We have already petitioned TRI for assistance to provide repairs to the damaged naval yard.”


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