Fourth Tribe Spokesperson Abducted

TRINN Archives

by Alexa A’vros

(Great Pillars Station) Quantar pilot Hrafn, 9th Brother and Spokesperson for the Fourth Tribe, was abducted shortly after docking at Great Pillars station, following the attack against Cromforge facilities earlier in the week.

Octavian separatist group Phoenix Rising has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

“Phoenix Rising, in the name of our friends, Amber Fist, has removed the zealot Hrafn from space. Unless the Tahirs wish to assist this rock licker meet his precious Hamalzah early, they will arrange to hand Septio over to us within the next fourteen days.”

“As soon as he left his ship, he was jumped by a group of four or five guys all dressed in black.” remarked a worker at Great Pillars station. “It was very efficient and professional – they drugged him and dragged him off in what seems like no time at all. Glad it wasn’t me they were after.”


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