TRI-RMD Approves WoW V Awards

From the TRINN Archives
By Alexa A’vros

TRI-HQ (TRI-FP) – Following the recent Weekend of War, TRI-RMD Director Echo Tetsab has approved a large batch of awards for participating pilots.

All participating pilots from squad LL have been awarded Fight Club, for their decisive win. Additionally, everyone who participated in WoW V has been awarded Keval’s Thanks, for being good sports.

Pilots Hadur, AlGore and Bish0p picked up Sarath’s Wit for achieving the best kill ratio for their respective teams, while DogZilla, RavenTriem and Shadrach have been awarded Sarath’s Laughter for the lowest kill ratios.

For achieving the most rips by an Octavian pilot, Filzi has been awarded Night’s Blade.

For achieving the most rips by a Solrain pilot, Garak has been awarded Golden Heart.

For achieving the most rips by a Quantar pilot, Radi has been awarded The Mane of Hamalzah.

For organizing WoW V, Garak has been awarded Echoes of Hope, along with Mike21, mcbrmx and Radi for accepting the unenviable task of being team captains.

For his tireless efforts to document WoW V by taking pictures of everyone and everything, mordikar has been awarded TRINN Star. mordikar was also awarded Keval’s Thanks for one specific image.

A ‘Kill The Flag’ event was scheduled during WoW V, which was won by team KH. For their efforts, they have earned Cormonra’s Commendation, Sarath’s Pride and Keval’s Thanks. Team LL, who came second were awarded Sarath’s Pride and Keval’s Thanks, while team EE picked up Keval’s Thanks.

Following WoW V, Regan hosted a small free for all combat party in the open space simulator, which was won by leonard, who has been awarded Fight Club. For hosting this event, Regan has been awarded Echoes of Hope, while mordikar earned himself Sarath’s Laughter.


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