Letifer Virus Claims First Victims

From TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Corridor Station (TRI-FP) – Doctors working with patients infected with the virus unleashed by the terrorist Letifer, have indicated that ‘several thousand’ patients have now been killed by the virus.

“Despite our best efforts to contain its spread, we are definitely facing an epidemic here,” commented Tahir Penjia Neamru. “Our doctors are doing their best to make those infected comfortable, yet they have been unable to slow the spread of this plague. We can attribute the deaths of several thousand citizens directly to this virus, and unfortunately, we believe the situation will only get worse, before it gets better. I can only hope that the efforts initiated by Samsun bear fruit quickly.”

Sources within Samsun indicate that, despite the lack of improved facilities, research into a cure is proceeding, using data transmitted from volunteers on Perasca who have contracted the virus.


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