Samsun Universal To Develop Virus Cure

From TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Hyperial (TRI-FP) – Hyperial based corporation Samsun Universal has pledged to find a cure for the virus that was unleashed upon Perasca by Letifer early last week.
“All of us here at Samsun are exciting about helping our neighbors,” commented Samsun spokesperson Yar Tardon. “We believe that working closely with Quantar and TRI on this important project will not only help ease some of the tensions that exist between us, but also offer a valuable first step towards more favorable relations between us all.

“TRI has been most generous in offering the services of their pilots to expand our planet side research and development facilities, and we are sure they will quickly rise to the occasion, and enable us to move forward to finding a cure.

“Once we have found the cure – and we are confident that we can – it is our intention to license the manufacture of the vaccine to one or more larger TRI corporations, as the Samson facilities do not have the capacity for such a large scale production operation.”


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