E.R.I. Employee Destroys RB-2 Facility; Receives Serious Censure

by Thane Carios

(Solrain Core)  Pilot GrimGriz of Edgar Reece Industries today attacked and destroyed the damaged RB-2 factory in Quantar Core sector with minimal resistance.

“He’s a Hyperial terrorist,” said First Tahir Pejia Neamru.  “And this attack was not on Quantar — it was on ALL of the civilized factions who need this important equipment for maintenance and repair.”

While GrimGriz took credit for destroying the facility, he did not indicate why he chose that particular target rather than something more specifically-vital to Quantar..

The Office of Solrain Premier Demeter Garreth released the following statement:


We are all saddened and angered by the acts of this troubled individual.  Not only because he is a Solrain citizen — but because we just conferred one of our high honors upon him. We are embarrassed in the extreme.  This irenegade also had the gg emailimpudence to contact our just-elected Speaker, Ms. Duvazaco, and infer her involvement.

This last act moved Mr. Grim’s behavior from being obnoxious and embarrassing — to being an affrobnt to Solrain.  Because of the seriousness of these circumstances, I am using my authority as Premier to strip pilot GrimGriz of both is Solrain political standing and his place in our Hall of Fame.

The Premier would not say whether other employees of E.R.I would be receiving any censure, but a staffer who asked not to be identified heard Garreth yelling: “Where’s Reece.  I want his ass sitting in my office tomorrow or there will be hell to pay!”

Quantar Holiday Returns to Its Roots

UUNN Newswire

(Petrios, Quanus) Quantar leaders decided this year to return the ancient Miners’ Days holiday to its roots, which traditionally focused on local, dirtside parades and traditions.

“We just thought it was a time to do something different,” said First Tahir Penjia Neamru.

“For a number of years, we’ve had large, well-publicized events and contests.  And it was a good thing.  But Miners’ Days has very humble roots.  Spontaneous local parades are the true Quani tradition — with miners putting away their tools for the day, and marching through streets singing traditional miners’ reels, and carrying ceremonial shovels, chisels or picks (which are often heirlooms handed down for generations). It’s just a day of good-natured revelry with family, friends and neighbors,” she added.

The First Tahir did point out that a Faction Mission for the holiday was launched, and that Temples in all cities, town and stations will be performing the traditional Blessing of the Shovels and having readings of the Parable of Karadron.

Quants say Hyperial is Secretly Developing GenMod Program

by Thane Carios

(Quantar Core)  The Quantar Holy Office of the Tahirs has released “evidence” that Hyperial has been secretly pursuing a genetic modification program with the goal of rebuilding its fleet of jump-capable ships.

“We now know what Hyperial’s secret faction missions have been all about,” said First Tahir Penjia Neamru.  “We already knew that they were testing jump-ship technology, because of the Rauder-1 drone.  Now we know that they have also been secretly pursuing their own genetic modification program.  The goal is clear.  Rebuilding their fleet .”

Quantar claims that the Hyperial program is code named “Chrysalis” and that it began over two years ago, with testing beginning early this year.  The Tahirs have also released an image (seen below) allegedly taken inside the Chrysalis GenMod lab.  It is likely that is was this information that was taken from Hyperial last declared to be contraband last Wednesday.  It is unclear whether Octavius was working with Quantar to obtain and publish the information.

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Quantar Heightens Military Readiness

UUNN Newswire

In response to the Octavius-Solrain war, the Fa’hil Memta has decided to degrade its diplomatic status with both of those factions.

“We must have our Military at a heightened state of readiness,” said First Tahir Penjia Neamru. “While we do not desire all-out war with Octavius or Solrain, we are obliged to give our Military maximum flexibility to defend the People of Hamalzah — as well as our stations, buildings and critical resources,” she added.

There was no indication that the current status with Hyperial would change, though — unofficially — relations between Quantar and Hyperial are never truly “friendly.”

Letifer Virus Claims First Victims

From TRINN Archives
By Zoe Vexel

Corridor Station (TRI-FP) – Doctors working with patients infected with the virus unleashed by the terrorist Letifer, have indicated that ‘several thousand’ patients have now been killed by the virus.

“Despite our best efforts to contain its spread, we are definitely facing an epidemic here,” commented Tahir Penjia Neamru. “Our doctors are doing their best to make those infected comfortable, yet they have been unable to slow the spread of this plague. We can attribute the deaths of several thousand citizens directly to this virus, and unfortunately, we believe the situation will only get worse, before it gets better. I can only hope that the efforts initiated by Samsun bear fruit quickly.”

Sources within Samsun indicate that, despite the lack of improved facilities, research into a cure is proceeding, using data transmitted from volunteers on Perasca who have contracted the virus.

Fa’hil Memta Confirms “Letifer Virus”

From the TRINN Archive
By Zoe Vexel

Corridor Station (TRI-FP) – The existence of a previously unseen, genetically engineered virus on Perasca was confirmed last night by Quantar officials reviewing the demand made by Letifer agent Courier earlier this week.

“This is just something we have not seen before,” stated Tahir Penija Neamru. “Our best medical and science teams are working around the clock to identify a cure, and we have requested assistance from TRI. Right now, we are managing to stabilize patients, and create quarantine zones to try and mitigate the rapid spread. Fortunately, there have been no fatalities as yet, however this virus does threaten the economy of Perasca, as hard working citizens productivity drops due to the virus’ symptoms.

“Letifer’s demand for the release of Septio is futile – it is not the policy of the Fa’hil Memta to negotiate with terrorists.”

“While tensions between Hyperial and Quantar are always present, it is not Hyperial’s wish to see the innocent citizens of Quantar suffer unnecessarily,” commented President Kelvin Rauder. “Hyperial has the best equipped medical labs known, and the most talented staff running them. As an olive branch towards Quantar, I offer these facilities to assist in identifying a cure.”

Symptoms of the virus include high fever, loss of appetite, confusion, extreme lethargy and large boils.